Paperless Integration from Requests to Refinery

On a daily basis oil & gas companies receive hundreds of customer requests for oil products from retail networks, bunkers, wholesales and others. They must be processed (registered in ERP, select refinery, schedule delivery/transport) and orders must be sent to refineries. The current paper-based process is time consuming and is open to potential human error. It results in ineffective refinery loading and in the inability to receive online information about actual deliveries.


How BearingPoint brings value 

What BearingPoint proposes is a paperless solution for customers and refineries.

This solution is based on SAP PI, Adobe forms and Crypto-Pro (Crypto-Pro is used to guarantee the legal applicability, in the court if required, of Digital Signs received from 3rd party customers and/or 3rd party refineries).

This integrates the following:


This improves the level of service provided to customers; the efficiency of refinery loadings; online updates of requests and delivery information for integrated supply chain planning; and decreased paper consumption and non-productive routine operations.


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