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Supply Chain & Operations
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Most multinational companies consider reconfiguring their supply chains more effectively to be a key near-term priority. The majority of these companies are also taking environmental issues into account in their strategic decisions, either because of statutory constraints or possible negative impacts on their image.

Supply chain managers have to balance operational costs and supply chain agility against fluctuating customer demand.

Supply chain teams need to optimize resources, including manufacturing capacity, distribution capacity and inventory levels. They must continuously solve critical issues including sourcing decisions, and factory and warehouse location/allocation in order to better serve customers.

Our expertise

Supply chain management is the art of combining conflicting goals and finding the right balance between your company’s efficiency (costs & assets) and your customers’ required service levels (responsiveness, reliability and flexibility).

The aim is to both improve your own company’s performance and meet your customer’s expectations.

Experience is the key, and because many of our supply chain management consultants come with relevant operational expertise from a wide range of industries, we know how to design and implement appropriate solutions to address the challenges you face.

We currently focus on:

Demand Management and Planning

We apply our expertise in forecasting, demand management, sales & operations supply planning, logistics & transportation planning, extended supply chain collaboration and optimization to help our clients manage and plan effectively.

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Green Supply Chain Management (Green SCM)

Greenhouse gases, oil spills, poor working conditions, low wages and bankruptcies issues. How can these events be prevented and dealt with to reduce risks?

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Labor and Workforce Optimization

We can help clients improve staff productivity by up to 30% with Engineered Labor Standards. Engineered labor standards provide fair and accurate performance metrics.

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Maintenance is a key lever to improve business performance. However, less than 25% of European companies really control their maintenance costs.

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Manufacturing and Lean Management

Global supply chain management needs efficient manufacturing capabilities to balance equipment amortization and availability to cope with changes in demand.

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New Plant Set Up

Flexible global production and network structures are critical for companies to adapt to changing market requirements and to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Order Management and Fulfillment

Our Order Management and Fulfillment Solution helps clients achieve an order-to-cash framework which satisfies customer requirements in an effective way.

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Sales & Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a classic tool to help companies match their client planned needs to available resources over the mid- term. In today’s world of scarce resources, increasing customer requirements and supply chain risks, companies are rediscovering S&OP.

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Service Management

We help service organizations develop, optimize and implement their strategy, service portfolio and processes.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Companies with very successful supply chains have excellent supply chain transparency and performance measurement.

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Transport and Logistics

We can help clients achieve an efficient and well managed transport and logistics system.

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