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    We are committed consultants with adaptive intelligence. We know that the world changes constantly, so we offer real, tailored solutions for complex business environments. Watch video

    We transform businesses
  • Connected Cars: running on code

    How can vehicle manufacturers fit into the new connected car ecosystem? Learn more

    Connected Cars: running on code
  • Accelerating digital

    In our dynamic digital age you need to think and act fast. We can help you take the right strategic decisions and tactical steps to accelerate your success. Learn more

    Accelerating digital
  • Find golden nuggets with HyperCube

    Finding tiny golden nuggets in big data can be a drudgery for many and make value for a few. Become a happy few with HyperCube®. Learn more

    Find golden nuggets with HyperCube
  • Discover LogEC

    The logistics emissions calculator. Whereas all other industry sectors have decreased their greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2005, the transport and logistics sector registered an increase in emissions by 30% for the same time due to growing transport volumes. Learn more

    Discover LogEC
  • Being BearingPoint

    At BearingPoint, we want to hire the most talented people to help our clients improve their business. In 2016, we plan to recruit around 1000 consultants in Europe. Watch video

    Being BearingPoint
In-store Customization – Using product customization to engage customers with brands

Amongst innovation services, in-store customization is expanding in various CPG and retail segments. The customer is now searching for unique products. Considered as a lever of differentiation, customization is a real challenge for distributors and brands in terms of costs and logistics.


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Engineering privacy: are vehicle manufacturers ready for a data-driven world?

BearingPoint Institute study urges OEMs to champion safeguarding customer trust in the age of the connected car.


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Achieving Santander Group’s regulatory reporting objectives with ABACUS/DaVinci

This case study demonstrates the performance of BearingPoint’s proven ABACUS/DaVinci platform and provides an example of effective collaboration between BearingPoint and a client struggling to comply with the regulatory reporting obligations.


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