Multi-industry study on collaborative innovation

Sectors: communication & content, utilities, consumer markets, postal, logistics and transport, government

A study led by six partners, Air Liquide, DGME, Orange, Réunica, SNCF, Veolia Environnement, looking at collaborative innovation schemes incorporating employees and/or customers.

Objectives of the project

Since the 1980s, many companies have experimented with collaborative innovation initiatives, from the suggestion box to employee participative innovation or 2.0 platforms incorporating customers into the innovation process. Some links appear between these approaches.

Thus, six partners, Air Liquide, DGME, Orange, Réunica, SNCF, Veolia Environnement, have partnered with BearingPoint to conduct a common study about collaborative innovation schemes associating employees and/or customers. 

The objectives were to: 

  1. Assess the most representative initiatives: 
    1. Conditions of deployment within the companies 
    2. Key success factors and risks
    3. Tangible results
  2. Make prospective analysis to preview the evolution of these initiatives

Measurable & concrete results

BearingPoint delivered a trends notebook with a detailed analysis of the selected collaborative innovation initiatives:

  • Construction of a typology from the studied initiatives (7 patterns : 4 for employee participative innovation and 3 for customers collaborative innovation)
  • Identification of the change drivers
  • New behaviours and play roles in collaborative innovation

BearingPoint led around 60 interviews of operationals and editors in charge of the projects, led seven “mirror” interviews of software solutions editors and offered its expertise and know-how through deep analysis, synthesis and results presentation.

These conclusions were communicated in the press, published in a point of view and were used as an internal training support.

Key success factors

  • BearingPoint team expertise on collaborative innovation
  • Strong collaboration with the 6 partners
  • Contribution of the innovation adviser in BearingPoint

What BearingPoint did

BearingPoint assisted its clients in selecting a panel to meet around 50 firms and 60 collaborative innovation initiatives in about 10 activity sectors.

BearingPoint helped them develop a benchmark methodology with two levels of analysis:

  • Case study: Deep analysis with operationals and solutions providers
  • Focus : “Back-office” benchmark of public experiences