Unlike many consulting firms, BearingPoint has built unique Software capabilities and developed a business unit called Asset Based Consulting (ABC). Today, we have more than 300 professionals working in research and IT development to design and build this software.

The solutions have been developed based on clients’ requests and clients’ solutions within BearingPoint’s traditional business areas and competencies such as Compliance, Digital, Telecommunication or Data Management.

These assets are used to leverage our consulting capabilities. Furthermore they can be acquired and used by our clients.

In our consulting activities, they enable our consultants to handle big data, segments or roots cause analysis more efficiently (HyperCube®). Some other assets help to be more pragmatic and efficient in managing compliance advisory activities (ABACUSTM for financial services institutions and LogEC for environmental compliance). By using other assets, we can propose and deliver the best -in-class digital platforms for the main business processes of our clients, such as concept to cash management (Infonova R6).

Our software offering is recognized and awarded by several business and scientific communities: 

Here are seven of these initiatives:

ABACUS Solution Suite

With the ABACUS Solution Suite, we offer banks, insurers, financial services providers, central banks, and supervisory authorities proven standard software for regulatory reporting along the regulatory value chain.

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Digital Ecosystem Management

How do you grow at a time of no growth? Leverage the resources and creativity of others via a digital platform that puts you at the centre of a vibrant ecosystem of share innovation.

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Our market-leading tax reporting solution EasyTax helps banks to provide their clients with fiscal reports facilitating their tax declaration duties and to directly calculate and withhold taxes within the scope of the Swiss Final Withholding Tax (FWHT) Agreements with Austria and the United Kingdom.

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The FiRE standard software was developed by BearingPoint for bank supervisory (FINMA) and regulatory reporting to the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

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The FiTAX solution for financial institutions was delivered to meet the reporting requirements of tax authorities across the world, including QI, EUSD, FATCA, UK FATCA and CRS reporting.

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HyperCube helps you use artificial intelligence to navigate an ocean of complex, dynamic data and gain deeper understanding of your key risks and opportunities.

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Infonova R6

R6 is a Business Support System (BSS). It enables multi-tenant concept-to-cash operations for traditional telco and fully convergent, complex multi-industry and cross-industry business models simultaneously on a single platform.

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Logistics Emissions Calculator

Our innovative and unique LogEC tool measures and helps to reduce logistics emissions in line with European regulations.

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