ABACUS Solution Suite

With the ABACUS Solution Suite, we offer banks, insurers, financial services providers, central banks, and supervisory authorities proven standard software for regulatory reporting along the regulatory value chain.

ABACUS/DaVinci is our off-the-shelf software platform for national and international regulatory reporting, compliant with the requirements of EBA, ECB and national supervisory authorities. 
More than 200 institutions with around 800 reporting entities, among these 10% of the SSM banks, large European banks, specialized institutes, insurers and financial service providers use ABACUS/DaVinci for regulatory reporting.

ABACUS/GMP is with a market share of around 90% the standard software platform for national and international supervisory reporting in Austria. The solution supports the innovative input-based approach of the Austrian National Bank OeNB via a standardized data model („basic cubes“ and „smart cubes“).

ABACUS/Solvency II is an off-the-shelf reporting software package compliant to the Solvency II (pillar 3) guidelines of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). ABACUS/Solvency II is in use at small, medium-sized and large insurers in more than 20 countries.

ABACUS/TR is a standard software facilitating reporting of derivative contracts to trade repositories compliant with the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) in Europe supervised by ESMA and the Dodd Frank Act in the US.

ABACUS/Regulator is an off-the-shelf software package for regulatory data collection and analytics for supervisory authorities and central banks.

ABACUS/LiMa is a standard software for liquidity management facilitating steering of the LCR/NSFR key ratios including comprehensive forecast and simulation features.

ABACUS/RiVa provides software components for evaluation, simulation and regulatory reporting of simple and complex financial instruments and all derivatives.

ABACUS/IRR is a product for standardized integration of ABACUS/DaVinci with SAP Banking Services (Bank Analyzer).

You can find detailed information about the ABACUS Solution Suite here.


We specialize in regulatory reporting and offer a range of services around our products:

Developing and maintaining standardized software solutions

We are experts in developing, implementing and maintaining the entire ABACUS product range. Our development services include realizing new functionalities/modules due to new requirements as well as keeping in constant contact with supervisory authorities, banking associations, financial auditors and analysts. Our maintenance services cover the realization of changes in regulatory reporting, country-specific and company-specific requirements within the existing software solution, all kinds of support levels, hotline, web-based ticket system and the online documentation system ABACUS/DaVinci Wiki.

Consulting Services


We support and help our clients during the implementation of our software products – from analyzing the existing organization through to going live.

Advising on current topics in reporting

Today, the regulatory reporting is integrated ever more strongly in the overall processes. In particular, adjoining areas such as risk controlling, accounting, treasury, controlling etc. give rise to overarching projects and topics such as equity management, equity optimization, stress testing, liquidity management, implementation of internal models, coordination of accounting etc. that require deep knowledge of reporting, and also thinking outside of the box. Together with our colleagues from the areas of Risk and Finance of BearingPoint GmbH, we help our clients to position themselves here and assist them to ensure that these projects and topics are a success for their company.

Managed Services

We draw on a wide range of services and service modules to provide Managed Services tailored to our clients’ needs. We have three general service lines:

Application Service Providing (ASP)

This covers all technical processes regarding the operation of ABACUS and includes infrastructure services (computing center, hardware, network, database), application management (installation/configuration, release management, user management) and application support (monitoring of and guidance for the reporting process).

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

This consists of tasks, activities and modules covering the functional reporting process (business process) such as data collection, assessment, manual corrections, balance, consolidation and generating and uploading reports.

Regulatory Reporting Factory

While ASP and BPO focus on the status quo of the reporting solution (run-the-bank), the reporting factory provides services regarding changes to the reporting solution resulting from new legal requirements or new products (change-the-bank).

Each of these general service lines includes various components and individual tasks for clients to choose from.

You can learn more about our Managed Services offer.


Our training for ABACUS and regulatory reporting focuses on supporting in a practical way your daily work within your specific department.

We have developed interactive workshops for our target groups including expert users, administrators, auditors, accountants and consultants. They are modular and offer various training levels, giving you the flexibility to match your particular training requirements.

With our help you can:

  • Gain ABACUS/DaVinci knowledge directly from the software producer
  • Work with the software more efficiently
  • Benefit from up-to-date regulatory expert knowledge, including on legal issues
  • Create a network to share experience

Learn more about our training here.

Business Applications

There are five software products in the ABACUS range:


ABACUS/DaVinci is our standard software for bank supervisory regulatory reporting. It is designed for banks, insurance companies, leasing companies and investment companies.

Features include:

  • Covers all regulatory reporting
  • Modular structure
  • Web-based solution, based on a flexible client-server architecture and a relational data model
  • Extensive pre-processing and analysis functions


  • Future-oriented system for high investment security
  • Can be expanded to meet the requirements of specific organizations or countries
  • Highly transparent reporting and evaluation results
  • Minimal coordination and administrative work

Learn more about ABACUS/DaVinci here.

ABACUS/IRR (International Regulatory Reporting)

ABACUS/IRR is an integrated regulatory reporting solution that allows you to simultaneously use SAP Analytical Banking, the SAP system for overall bank management, and the ABACUS/DaVinci reporting software. ABACUS/IRR enables standardized integration of the ABACUS/DaVinci reporting solution into the SAP Banking Services software (BANK-ALYZE).

It is targeted at banks using the SAP Banking Services software.

Features include:

  • Coverage of all regulatory reports in Germany, more countries will follow
  • Complete integration of data supply from SAP Analytical Banking 5.0 and 8.0
  • Customization for individual data models possible


  • Preprocessing, interface and regulatory reporting solution from one source
  • Reduced effort and risks during implementation of a regulatory reporting solution
  • Availability of reporting results in the Enterprise Reporting
  • High degree of standardization
  • High flexibility with new statutory requirements
  • Reduced time to market
  • Delivered to budget

Learn more about ABACUS/IRR here.

ABACUS/Solvency II

ABACUS/Solvency II is our standard software for regulatory reporting from insurance companies in accordance with Solvency II.

It is designed for international insurance companies.

Features include:

  • ABACUS/Solvency II is based on the proven ABACUS technology
  • Coverage of all Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs) as defined by the EIOPA
  • Ongoing adjustment based on the requirements of the supervisory authority
  • Monitoring, validation of the forms, XBRL reporting


  • Flexible solution that can be integrated into the complex system landscapes of insurance providers
  • Minimal development, implementation and maintenance costs

Learn more about ABACUS/Solvency II here.


ABACUS/TR is our standard software solution to enable compliant derivatives reporting across the EU to central trade repositories.

It is designed for financial institutions and industrial companies, multi-lateral development banks, public authorities and the European Financial Stability Facility as well as the European Stability Mechanism.

Features include:

  • ABACUS/TR is based on the trusted ABACUS framework
  • Modular structure and individual customization
  • Additional analytical/management reporting can be defined by the user
  • Platform independence and full support of small and large institutions due to multi-client capability


  • Modern, future-proof system architecture
  • Simple, cost-efficient creation of reports
  • Web-based application which can serve as an ideal basis for an outsourcing solution

Learn more about ABACUS/TR here.


ABACUS/DaVinci is an extensive and established standard software for banks covering regulatory demands including the future LCR and NSFR templates. Using the regulatory data available from these reporting modules, Liquidity Management Tool ABACUS/LiMa will be developed to help treasury managers visualize the liquidity situation at their bank.

Features include:

  • No implementation of new interfaces through access to the existing database from the LCR/NSFR module in ABACUS/DaVinci
  • Use of the ABACUS standard functionalities to user administration, operation, security, and process management
  • Cost-effective software maintenance and steady software development under consideration of customer-specific requirements


  • Simple and visual LCR Simulation
  • Transparent presentation of how liquidity transactions change the LCR
  • Continuous and market-driven product developments
  • Continuous updates to stay in compliance with new regulations

Learn more about ABACUS/LiMa here.