With HyperCube®, we can help you use artificial intelligence to navigate an ocean of complex, dynamic data and gain deeper understanding of your key risks and opportunities.

This unique tool handles big data in a new way. Its breakthrough data analysis technology dramatically improves the way you can make decisions in an environment where data grows exponentially.

HyperCube® is a solution recognized by the Pasteur Institute as the best performing data analysis tool available today. They describe it as: “a new data mining algorithm that can identify the combinations of variables that give the optimal prediction of the outcome of interest. We demonstrate that the model identified by HyperCube® has better predictive value than any other model tested.” HyperCube® has also won an innovative technology award from the MIT (USA).

When combined with our consultants’ business expertise, this unique data mining solution identifies your needs, generates relevant business rules, develops operational plans and builds you a continuous improvement process.

HyperCube®, helps you to find solutions that are directly and immediately applicable to your business environment.

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HyperCube® is a mathematical algorithm and rule generation technology. It identifies the sets of simultaneous conditions in data that yield a higher frequency of specific occurrences. Simply put, it shows patterns of probable outcomes from variable inputs.

Applications include:

  • Insurance. A client wanted to find out the factors that affected the attrition of life assurance policyholders. The key factors that HyperCube® uncovered were: customer age, number of children, number of bank accounts, marketing segment and gender.
  • Retail. A client wanted to discover the main factors affecting the sales performance of their retail stores. HyperCube® found the crucial factors to be: the store location (which all retailers know to be important) and - more surprisingly - the length of shelving holding products aimed at children.
  • Healthcare. HyperCube® is often used in clinical trials and diagnostics. It can provide industry-specific business rules that can be developed for clients and applied to their production models.

The technology is non-statistical – it does not take a sample and use algorithms in order to validate a hypothesis. Instead, it takes input from a large volume of data and outputs the results from the data alone. This means that all the available data is taken into account.

The lack of a hypothesis is another advantage of HyperCube® over statistics. HyperCube® exposes the rules and dependencies that are indicated by the data. It is not tied to any previously held view. Statistics, on the other hand, test data to see whether it proves a specified scenario.

Business applications

Over the past five years, our HyperCube® team has worked with over two hundred companies on many challenges including:

Customer behavior study, marketing and distribution

  • Which of my clients are likely to change operator?
  • How will we optimize the product mix or the opening of shops in new geographies?
  • Which levers should we use to improve our marketing campaign efficiency?

Risk prevention and fraud management

  • Why does this customer profile represent a higher payment default risk?
  • How can we anticipate fraud risks amongst our credit card holders?

Human resource management

  • How to reduce non-structural absenteeism?
  • What are the operational levers to improve safety?
  • How to retain high potentials?

Supply chain optimization and manufacturing

  • Which production frequency minimizes production defects?
  • What are the reasons behind breakdowns in supply chains?
  • What are the reasons behind breakdowns in critical systems defaults?

R&D in life science and healthcare

  • What are the profiles of the patients with a high risk of occurrence of serious adverse events to a new treatment?
  • Can we find biomarkers enabling an early detection of Alzheimer disease?
  • Can we identify patients’ subsets who respond better than average to a new treatment?

Defense and intelligence

  • How to optimize the processing of weak signal from electromagnetic origin?
  • How can we anticipate risky vessel routes?
  • Which profiles of individuals deserve special surveillance?

Independent expert opinion

The HyperCube® solution has been recognized and awarded by the business and scientific community, including the MIT Board, Pasteur Institute and IDC.

In 2010, HyperCube® entered the final round of the MIT Sloan School “Innovation Showcase”. This award recognizes 10 young firms proposing innovative technologies.

The new state-of-the-art Complex Event Intelligence: proactive/predictive optimization of problems on a granular level through non-assumptions based analysis of massive scale non-homogenous data sets.

Jim Champy, MIT Board

In 2011, HyperCube® was recognized by the Pasteur Institute as the best performing data analysis tool as of today:

We describe here a new data mining algorithm that can identify the combinations of variables that give the optimal prediction of the outcome of interest. We demonstrate that the model identified by HyperCube® has better predictive value than any other model tested. HyperCube® was able to identify the best cut-off value and range for continuous variables. It classified the population into high and low risk groups and made the results easier to interpret in terms of biology than the probability estimates generated by most statistical methods.

In 2012, IDC underlined the calculation power of HyperCube®:

HyperCube® has the ability to help organisations identify causal links between different factors as represented in a dataset, and present these links as business rules in a simple format to an end user. The fact that it outpaces traditional statistics by firstly requiring no hypothesis and secondly working on a full dataset rather than a sample is very powerful. It constitutes an excellent reusable asset for BearingPoint's consulting practice.

Alys Woodward, European Business Analytics IDC