Infonova R6

As a communications service provider (CSP) you may well be facing declining revenues, pressure on your share prices and the challenges of the digital economy. To be successful as an operator you need to meet an array of new expectations from customers, partners and suppliers. This requires new capabilities to consolidate your business as well as to transform your business models in order to build new revenue streams.

But does your existing IT landscape and BSS support these new business models? Does it deliver the partnering functionalities needed in the new eco-system? How can you play a value-based role in the open digital economy and become an enabler for utilities, healthcare, government, property operators and others that are looking to offer real-time digital services such as SmartGrid, eHealth, eGov?

We can help you address today’s operational challenges in this digitally connected world from both an economic and technology perspective. To this end, we base our support on Infonova’s R6. A multi-tenant concept-to-cash BSS platform, R6 is designed to meet your requirements with a completely new software architecture.


Our customers include telcos, media companies, utilities and financial Institutions

R6 is a multi-tenant concept-to-cash BSS software platform that supports fully convergent multi-industry 2.0 business models in complex partner-ecosystems while also supporting telco 1.0 simultaneously.

The proven product family covers the enhanced concept-to-cash lifecycle: Partner/Supplier Management, Product Management, Customer Management, Order Management, Billing and Finance.

R6 supports multiple business entities and segments with diverse product portfolios on a single platform. The multi-layer design gives you control of your own business. The R6 platform provides the business logic and workflows to enable you to cross-bundle services from multiple suppliers as products; apply your own business rules; and manage your own customers, orders, billing and receivables. Each solution can be configured with different branding and processes.

Since R6 is service technology agnostic, you can define products with your own terms. This is also true if you are looking to embed mobile, fixed and cloud capabilities in your own services, such as Smartgrid, NextGen Healthcare or telematics for advanced automotive services.

With R6’s multi-tenancy, various telco businesses can be consolidated on a single platform instead of extending scattered IT landscapes. The platform also enables fast time-to market for innovative new digital services and service bundles, reduces OPEX and IT risk and thereby delivers long-term business value for operators.

R6 provides operators with a platform that can cope with the dramatically changing value chains of heavily converging industries.

You can find detailed information on R6 here.

Business applications

R6 is a highly pre-integrated solution that enables communications service providers to manage their entire service portfolio, customer base and business partner relationships. The proven product family components cover the enhanced E2E Concept-to-Cash lifecycle:

  • Product Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Billing
  • Finance

Speed up your time-to-market and increase flexibility with R6 Product and Service Management. 
Improve customer experience with R6 CRM, 360 degree Customer Self Management and Case Management.

Increase your revenues and improve customer satisfaction with R6 Order Management and Service Fulfillment.

Overcome the billing challenges posed by cloud, legacy and next generation networks and services with R6 convergent billing.

Maximize revenue and cash flow with R6 Accounts Receivable and Collection Management.

Take advantage of the solution’s comprehensive integration platform and powerful wholesale, virtualization and white labeling capabilities.

Independent expert opinion

…R6 is a good example of how to address business concerns from a single platform…It is designed to work with multiple suppliers, partners and tenant operators that add value to the service offerings delivered to consumers and enterprise customers…


…We believe Infonova R6 is well positioned to partner with CSPs to evolve their BSSs…


…R6 is a strong solution that should be considered by any organisation in this market looking at Business Support Solutions…