Advanced ERP technology solutions

Aligning your IT to meet the needs of your business should be the major driver for your IT strategy and major IT initiatives. The technology itself nevertheless requires special attention. All the applications in your portfolio must stay manageable, secure, compliant and performing. This involves maintaining an application’s lifecycle, for example through regular upgrades from the package provider, as well as careful decisions around upgrading or replacing an application at the end of its life. To make sure your technology keeps working hard for your business, you should:

How BearingPoint brings value

We provide unbiased experts to find pitfalls, gaps or optimization potential in order to increase acceptance and secure the investments for your ERP landscape. Our experience and excellence in these tasks is indispensable.

We help you keep innovative technologies on the watch list for assessment or implementation. This ensures you don’t miss any opportunities to improve your market position, allow new business models or make your products/services more attractive for younger generations of customers.

Our work in this area includes: