ERP strategy definition and business alignment

Like many companies you may well have an IT landscape that has evolved over time through generations of enhancements, upgrades and integrations. And mergers and acquisitions may have added to the diversity and complexity of the landscape. All of which can increase the total cost of ownership (TCO).

You need to:

How BearingPoint brings value

To design or rework an IT or ERP strategy you have to talk to and understand people in various company positions.

Our experts can work closely and quickly with you to design or rework your IT or ERP strategy. It is an interactive process where we talk to and understand people in various company positions so we can take on board their views in meeting your requirements. We always respect the political factors which may be at least of equal importance in a project.

Our capabilities in this area include business and industry experience, strategic and economic mind-sets, broad IT-knowledge, good practices from other clients and political integrity.