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Today, finance departments are expected to do more than provide the basic facts and figures for management decisions. They have to take into account global, regional and corporate economics, a competitive environment and regulatory and legal requirements.

In addition, general cost pressures, the need for higher efficiency and optimization targets are all bearing down on CFOs and finance departments.

The major challenges are to establish a business support network that continuously interacts with all functions - providing business insight and advice to all relevant decision makers, serving as a strategic enabler and shaping internal and external interactions. Also, the finance department needs to have an efficient and effective operating model for the CFO organization in place.


We help finance departments to assume a central and long-term role in strategic and business-critical decision making.

With our assistance, CFOs are able to develop new management capabilities and leave their former, more functional and administrative role, behind.

We also help to make their operations more effective and can advise finance departments on how best to provide insightful analytics - including costs, performance and risks - to management.

We currently focus on

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

If you have a complex enterprise with challenging planning requirements, we can help. We will focus on helping you achieve more reliability and efficiency through simplified, integrated and driver-based planning.

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Corporate Commodity Trading

At BearingPoint we can help commodity trading firms and natural resources companies support their trading team with state-of-the-art IT processes and systems.

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Corporate Reporting and Consolidation

Working closely with you, we can enhance the quality, efficiency and reliability of group reporting and ensure the best integration and harmonization with management reporting and planning.

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Corporate Treasury Management

At BearingPoint we can help our clients establish efficient Treasury Management – a key success factor for securing competitiveness and protecting their financial position.

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Finance Process Improvement

Working closely with you we can apply our expertise in improving finance processes to help your organization increase productivity and quality and, in turn, shift more capacity to activities with a higher added value.

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Holistic approach to comply with changes in Lease Accounting

Supported by our comprehensive IAS 17 integration approach, your organization can efficiently deal with the significant upcoming changes in lease accounting.

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Intelligent Concepts for SAP New General Ledger

With our intelligent SAP New General Leger, you can take advantage of significantly enhanced reporting options, with multi-GAAP, multi-ledger, multi-currency and segment reporting.

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Operating Models for Finance

The finance units of most firms have evolved over time in response to many internal and external challenges. At BearingPoint we can help our clients optimize their finance units in line with their changing circumstances, requirements and ambitions.

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Performance Management and Controlling

We can work with you to develop the performance management framework that fits your organization and supports finance efficiency.

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We innovate through these solutions:

BE Tax Reporting Solution

With BearingPoint’s tax reporting solution, financial institutions will be able to cover their entire reporting needs under many tax regimes, such as FATCA, the new reporting standards for the Automatic Exchange of Information and the Swiss Final Withholding Tax, as well as to cover the country specific tax filings of their wealth management clients.

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Digital Workspace

BearingPoint has developed a comprehensive approach to deal with large workspace outfit projects, managed as real “transformation” projects involving major changes around work modes, workspaces and IT/digital equipment.

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Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

BearingPoint’s Planning and Reporting Cloud Service is a cost-efficient, reliable and secure way of arranging your organization’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes.

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Integrated Sales Platform for Omni-Channel

BearingPoint has been entrusted to support a large CRM initiative after a successful CRM strategy study, a vendor selection and implementation of a CRM-Software. By the end of 2011, the insurance company started to reshape its sales force. BearingPoint supported key activities, including a strategic readiness study as well as CRM vision and a vendor selection for the best-suited CRM-Software.

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Payment Factory

This proven award winning Treasury solution allows you to align, centralize and optimize your payment and collection processes across your entire group.

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Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition is based on the new IFRS-Standard: IFRS 15 sets out the requirements for recognizing revenue that apply to all contracts with customers (except for contracts that are within the scope of the Standards on leases, insurance contracts and financial instruments). IFRS 15 is effective from 1 January 2017 but earlier application is permitted.

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SAP Simple Finance

SAP Simple Finance and S/4 HANA are the solutions which will push ERP into a new generation of “digital business”. The accelerator is a service which is part of the Digital CFO campaign to demonstrate what “digital” means for the CFO.

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Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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