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At BearingPoint we deal with general business risks as well as with the risks specific to individual industries. In particular, we help financial service providers address credit risks, market risks, liquidity risks and insurance risks. 
Following the financial crisis and several high profile incidents in recent years, most companies, particularly those in financial services, face increasing requirements in their risk and compliance management.

As well as coping with functional, organizational and technological change, you may well need to improve your data, information and IT security to meet these requirements.

We can help you fulfill both current regulations and deal with regulations coming down the line in an effective and efficient way. Moreover, we can help you set up a comprehensive security framework, covering data, information and IT security as well as the management of digital identities.


We take a holistic interdisciplinary approach across all three areas of risk management, compliance and security, using established standards, policies and procedures such as COSO, CobiT or ISO.

We aim to create sustainable value for you, beyond just complying with laws and regulations, by helping you optimize your risk, compliance and security processes.

As a provider of leading software solutions for banking regulatory reporting (ABACUS/DaVinci, FiRE), tax reporting for private clients of banks and investment companies (EasyTax, FiTax) and management reporting (FiMIS) in several European countries, we offer practical implementation skills with proven and well-established products. This is in addition to our sound professional and technological advice.

We currently focus on

Banking regulation

At BearingPoint we combine and apply our proven skills to enable banks to successfully manage all types of risks and comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

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Capital Markets Compliance

We help our clients to understand the impact of new regulations on their business and to set up an effective and efficient capital markets compliance program.

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Contemporary Risk Management

We help national and international financial services institutions design and implement a concise risk management methodology for all processes and reporting.

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Identity Management

We help our clients with all the phases of building an effective identity management solution, taking into account both business and regulatory requirements.

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Information Security Management

We can help you ensure the sustainable long-term protection of your information assets. We can also help you reduce your security costs by using strict information risk management.

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Management of AML and Fraud Prevention

We support clients through all phases of implementing an effective and efficient anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud prevention program. Our help covers risk analysis, customer due diligence (KYC), fraud prevention, research/monitoring, and policies.

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Methods and Models for managing risks

Our consulting services cover the entire lifecycle of risk management to actively manage any substantial financial risk - beyond the regulatory compliance.

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Risk Mitigation and Management

We don’t offer fixed or off-the-shelf GRC solutions. We will work closely with you to develop and deliver the GRC R2Go© solution that fits your particular situation and requirements, so you can be sure it really reflects and supports your organization. We can help you with one or all of the four core GRC areas: Risk Management, Process Control, Access Control and Fraud Management.

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Risk Processes and Reporting

We help our clients to analyze and optimize their risk processes, reduce their capital cost and streamline their risk management procedures.

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We innovate through these solutions:

BEAT - BearingPoint Analyzer and Transformer

BEAT is an analysis tool based on a functional data model using an integrated approach. BEAT accelerates the conception and design of a target finance-risk architecture for insurance companies. BEAT supports the structuring, analysis and documentation of changes in regulatory and legal environments.

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Making software evaluations more effective and delivering higher quality of information for the decision process. Insurance companies face major IT-transformation needs when replacing old core systems in the area of policy/claims handling. To face this challenge, they start investigating standard products such as Guidewire, TIA or others. BearingPoint has a strong tool, CASAPlus, to drive RFPs/software evaluations by comparing requirement catalogs to suppliers/systems, thus delivering strong analysis functionality.

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Commodity/Energy Trading Risk Management

Fully functional commodity trading risk management solution, integrated with SAP ERP. This all-in-one solution allows to have all business processes of the company in one system.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Working closely with the client, we deliver a rigorous and effective integrated GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution – one that is not only right for the client, but also available for them.

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Hybris Assessment

BearingPoint provides a systematic approach to analyze your hybris potential and thereby offers you the first step in taking your eCommerce to the next level

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Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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