Information Management

  • Information Management provides the toolkit enabling the CIO or CFO to meet their respective challenges.

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In the digital and inter-connected world of today, competitive advantage and success depend heavily on how information is harnessed. Information Management is an established function with its own specialized methods and procedures.

Information Management is a toolkit enabling the CIO or CFO to meet challenges.

Our offerings cover all dimensions of Information: Analytics, Storage and Sharing as well as overarching strategy and governance structures.


  • Information Strategy, Architecture & Governance are the foundation for efficient handling of information based on standardization and common architecture principles
  • Business Intelligence & Performance Management provides a consistent set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and enable analysis, monitoring and planning of corporate performance as well as support for the implementation of planning and reporting tools
  • Enterprise Data Management deals with data integration, data warehousing and master data management in order to benefit from the extracts of information, taking into consideration extensibility and high data quality
  • Enterprise Content Management transforms the huge volume of mails, documents, images, audio and web data into useable and valuable information


Our Information Management offerings are technology independent and integrate the core capabilities required to improve the cost and associated risk of developing and managing valuable information across the enterprise.

We currently focus on

Advanced Analytics & Big Data

Advanced Analytics & Big Data: networking, data storage and computing power are rapidly evolving in innovative dimensions, opening new possibilities to analyze data and create value.

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Capture & Input Management

Capture & Input Management: Enter content into the system regardless of source and format, recognize and verify.

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Content & Collaboration

Content & Collaboration: Establish collaborative work environments that are either content or user-driven

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Data Workflow & Modelling

Data Warehousing & Modelling: Creation of a consistent single point of reference and connecting information across systems and business units using data warehouses

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Data Workflow & Processing

Data Workflow & Processing: Provision and transformation of data enabling the management of various business use cases

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Delivery & Output Management

Delivery & Output Management: Putting information in the right people’s hands right when they need it

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Information Architecture & Applications

Information Architecture & Applications: definition of a uniform and consistent IT landscape with a high degree of data integration and documentation

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Information Generation & Visualization

Information Generation & Visualization: with regard to quality, time and cost, a crucial factor is that selective information be available where and when required in order to support corporate management in decision-making.

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Information Governance & Organization

Information Governance & Organization: development of organizations, organizational structures and processes for the efficient management of data flows (Business Intelligence Competency Center, BICC)

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Information Lifecycle & Value Management

Information Lifecycle & Value Management: provision of the right information at the right time at the right place at the lowest possible cost.

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Information Security, Roles & Rights

Information Security, Roles & Rights: protection of data through the entire life cycle as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

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Integration & Migration

Integration & Migration: Standardization of data across system boundaries and migration of data from previous versions or systems.

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Master Data & Quality Management

Master Data & Quality Management: Pooling and standardization of master data and overall improvement of data quality

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Mobile BI

Mobile BI: Up-to-date business data via mobile devices increases flexibility and provides an advantage over classic reporting

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Performance Management & Planning

Performance Management & Planning: Indicator-based systems as well as operational reporting and planning systems are the foundation of integrated corporate management

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Store & Preservation

Store & Preservation: Give content an appropriate home in the infrastructure according to legal requirements and business needs

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