International Development

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If a company wants to become involved in international development, the barriers to entry include regulatory complexities, some harsh socio-economic realities and poor infrastructure.

Apart from setting up an appropriate organisational structure and securing investments, there are some serious decisions to take before embarking on this course.

How can a local population with low purchasing power be targeted profitably, for example? What can be prioritised in terms of development opportunities for international as well as for local companies? Does a company have a new technology that offers economic development acceleration? And what are the key drivers for investment?


Our team helps international departments and local governments with their international development strategy. We support both European and emerging market organisations. We also work with countries and governments in their strategic thinking on modernisation, foreign trade development and country investment attractiveness (smart cities, for example).

We can offer you a comprehensive approach combining strategy, marketing, and business organisation from our dedicated ‘emerging markets’ team. This team has global coverage, thanks to an international network of partners, relevant expertise in development stakes and market differentiation, as well as specialist knowledge of international rules and regulations.

We help you to develop, define and optimise your strategies, then convert them into tangible financial targets as well as operational objectives.

We innovate through these solutions:

Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

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