Real Estate & Facilities

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Direct and indirect costs related to real estate and facilities usually represent the second largest item behind salaries for any company. Reducing costs can therefore have a big positive impact, but because many companies simply do not know how well their real estate function is performing, they do not address this area.

With the relative weight of real estate assets on balance sheets estimated at around 10% of total assets, companies can realize significant financial benefits from managing these assets more effectively.


We can help you achieve financial benefits by providing cost-efficient management services tailored specifically to your situation. This could include setting up your real estate strategic development scheme, optimizing your corporate real estate structures and implementing effective real estate-specific software so that you can stay in control.

We focus on four key areas: property, facility, asset and project management. We conduct ongoing strategic overviews on real estate as well as benchmarking several key issues. This allows us to identify relevant practices and key market trends that are relevant to your projects.

Moreover, we are totally independent from the major software publishers, system integrators and real estate brokers, guaranteeing that we will give you an objective, expert view of your real estate issues and opportunities.

We currently focus on

Real Estate « professionalization » and costs optimization

We can help you transform the real estate function into a positive contributor to the overall performance of your company.

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We innovate through these solutions:

Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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