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Sourcing professionals face a major challenge: how to make savings at the same time as providing high value services.

Competitive pressures, technological breakthroughs, supplier panel evolution and volatility in the price of raw materials mean that the sourcing function is evolving into a position of considerable influence. It contributes many of the facts and figures that help a business make its most profitable decisions.

Purchasers need to anticipate risks, secure innovation from suppliers and resolve potentially conflicting objectives between departments. When they do all this successfully, they can make a major contribution to the value a company offers to its customers.


We can help you define your sourcing strategy and implement it operationally.

Our approach combines vision and pragmatism. We have strong convictions but take into account the key contextual elements that matter to you in order to adapt the target and roadmap of your transformation program.

Our team has successfully managed many purchasing projects for a wide range of customers, from corporate accounts like Alstom Power to public services, such as Hospices Civils de Lyon.

We currently focus on

Global Planning and Controlling

We view procurement planning as a continuous process of defining the purchasing strategy and deriving purchasing volumes and the actions to be taken that also optimize savings potential.

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IT Tools and System Support

Information systems are the main enablers to increase the efficiency of purchasing processes. These systems can help improve Sourcing, Procurement, Invoicing, Content management, Spend analysis, Contract and Supplier management. Companies recognize the real added value brought by these systems.

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Organizational Performance Assessment

Our performance assessment sets the direction for business transformation. We help clients transform their procurement performance. We begin by evaluating our client’s position within a procurement maturity model. This includes a gap analysis comparing current procurement practices with best-in-class procurement techniques.

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Source-to-Pay Optimization

Our Supply Chain – Purchasing covers: strategy definition by category, organization review, performance improvement (savings), proven methods to optimize purchasing and procurement processes, and P2P information system expertise. Strong processes are essential to step change improvements.

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Strategic Supplier Management

Initiatives to develop supplier relationships are key to supporting new challenges and increasing value creation within companies. Supplier development focuses on the results of supplier evaluations and risk classification. It enables supplier relationships to be actively managed. Cooperative optimization programs set common definitions of targets for suppliers. This provides transparency for everyone involved on actual and target values regarding the fulfillment of agreed measures.

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Value Management

Our supply chain - purchasing offer covers: strategy definition by category, organization review, performance improvement (savings), proven methods to optimize purchasing and procurement processes, and P2P Information system expertise.

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We innovate through these solutions:

Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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Transparency on EFPIA transfer

Healthcare transparency: a clearer view on the interdependencies between laboratories and healthcare professionals

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