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Design, share and execute the business strategy, beautiful and tough task for the CEO and Director of Strategy, with the support of the Executive Committee ...

  • How to take the best decisions, the ones that will serve both the short-term objectives and secure the position of the company in the future?
  • Perhaps more importantly, how to translate these decisions into projects and implement them on the ground, making each employee an actor in the strategy?

Whatever willingness of management and staff, the strategies do not always keep their promises: they are sometimes too difficult to understand and to share, they can also be unrealistic or not sufficiently supported on the ground ...

The challenge is to prefer the realistic strategy rather than the best strategy, and effectively support its implementation to realize the potential for progress.


Within the Strategy & Transformation team, our job is to assist the CEO, Directors of Strategy and heads of functional departments in the design of the strategy (upstream study, diagnosis, assistance in decision-making), but also in its implementation when necessary (change management, support for project management, analysis of results).

For the strategic directions that we define together can be realized on the ground and result in better economic performance, we suggest an approach both analytical and pragmatic: consultants rely on efficient methods of analysis but are also able to understand and respect your culture and your specific needs. Working hand in hand with you, we seek the best solution for you.

We are able to work on all your critical topics: business development (marketing mix, markets, customers), operational efficiency (cost, process, organization), changes in scope (merger, acquisition, disposal). Because innovation and sustainable development have become real strategic issues with a significant impact on current and future business performance, we have also developed centers of expertise in these areas.

We currently focus on

Business Turnaround

We work on cross-functional programs to help clients achieve total turnaround of their businesses within 9-18 months. To this end we address the strategic, operational and financial aspects of the business.

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Corporate Performance Improvement (CPI)

Our strategic restructuring targets our clients’ bottom line. It focusses on continuous improvements as well as corporate-wide targeted cost reduction programs.

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Growth Strategy

Strategies for improving the top and bottom line growth of our clients. We focus on transforming strategies into real results within our clients’ business.

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Innovation and R&D

We help clients manage innovation to drive future growth and efficiency improvements. Our help includes strategies and structures to support coordinated innovation and R&D activities.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Supporting corporate and private equity investors throughout the deal cycle - from strategy, transaction advisory, transaction planning and execution to the post-merger integration phase.

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We help our clients reap the benefits of a proactive approach to drive sustainable and profitable growth, taking into account social responsibility, green processes, resources strategy and renewable energies.

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We innovate through these solutions:

Active Manager

Active Manager is a manager-led business transformation methodology that creates a sustainable step change in operational performance. It typically delivers performance improvements between 10% and 20%.

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Business Process Management Proof of Quality

Business Process Management (BPM) is more important for insurance companies than any other industry (according to a BearingPoint Study in 2015). Currently only 31% of insurance companies are satisfied with their BPM approach. Key objectives: higher cost transparency, cost reduction and harmonization of the business process landscape with a reduction of error rates, acceleration of process cycle time, increase of client satisfaction and better risk compliance.

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HyperCube for Insurance

A Project Based Assessment using HyperCube will deliver several improvements in general insurance performance. HyperCube investigates selected data of the insurance company and provides easy to use business rules for helping the client to improve processes according to a concrete improvement implementation roadmap.

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Omni-Channel-Management Framework

The Omni-Channel-Management-Framework (OCM Framework) consists of seven components and serves as a basis for the strategy development as well as the operationalization of a firm-wide Omni-Channel-Management. Therefore, it enables, especially insurance companies, to build and subsequently reinforce their Omni-Channel capabilities.

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Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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