Sustainable Development

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Sustainability is more central to business success than ever. It affects a company’s goodwill and reputation, ability to secure strategic raw materials, use of resources, and ultimately, strategy for growth.

When planning for sustainable growth, a company needs to assess its footprint in economic, social, and environmental terms at all stages of that projected growth, with careful prioritisation of the actions it needs to take.

Add to that the risks and opportunities a company needs to build into its sustainable business model to cover the next two, five or ten years, and the need for an expert partner to provide a well-thought out and clearly articulated strategy becomes clear.


We can help you pinpoint your organisation’s key dependencies on ecosystems as well as your impact on biodiversity. We’ll also help you to identify likely natural resources scarcities or price hikes that could lie ahead, and give you insights into how and where your reputation could be tarnished if you don’t comply with key regulations, norms and standards.

We’ll then help you project your business plan, or even advise you on how to reshape your business model by taking likely climate, natural resource and other changes into account.

We currently focus on:

  • Sustainable Growth Strategies
  • Game-changing ‘Greenovation’
  • Resources Strategies and Sustainable Sourcing
  • Sustainability-Embedded Governance

We innovate through these solutions:

Cloud Navigator

Cloud Navigator is our tried and trusted way of helping you navigate quickly and effectively through the cloud. We offer incorporated cloud computing into your strategy, assessment of cloud computing scenarios & options, security & compliance check, sourcing & transformation advice, as well as adaptation of governance & operation.

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The best idea is useless if it is not identified within the organization. CLU is an idea management platform supporting the innovation management process and fostering innovation as an important component of the corporate culture.

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Health Care Production Planning and Controlling

Unique methodology and concept for Health Care Production Planning and Controlling at Hospitals. Implementing this method leads to better control between demand and capacity, that ensures that resources are planned and controlled according to the health care demand, in a much more efficient way in hospitals.

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Hybris Assessment

BearingPoint provides a systematic approach to analyze your hybris potential and thereby offers you the first step in taking your eCommerce to the next level

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Integrated Sales Platform for Omni-Channel

BearingPoint has been entrusted to support a large CRM initiative after a successful CRM strategy study, a vendor selection and implementation of a CRM-Software. By the end of 2011, the insurance company started to reshape its sales force. BearingPoint supported key activities, including a strategic readiness study as well as CRM vision and a vendor selection for the best-suited CRM-Software.

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Investment Accounting in the Cloud

Many mid- to small-size insurance companies strive to run SAP solutions in asset accounting and reporting (SAP CML, SAP CFM) but are not ready to invest heavily in implementing and running SAP. The cloud technology will allow these companies to exploit the advantages of a SAP based solution without major upfront investment in technical infrastructure, licensing and consulting fees. A template based SAP CML/CFM run in the Cloud will address this issue.

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Investment Data Warehouse

The low-interest period is forcing most insurers to control and monitor their financial investments. In contrast to a risk focused approach seen in recent years, yield controlling and monitoring will have top priority. In order to reach this goal, many insurers are modernizing and enhancing their data warehouses. BearingPoint is offering a predefined investment data warehouse comprising the most required KPIs, reports and the underlying data model.

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Life Sciences Accelerator

The current challenges for life sciences industries are the optimization and harmonization of business processes, the enhancement of client satisfaction and the use of digital capabilities. The Life Sciences Accelerator offers a holistic process-driven solution for a project approach treating industry specific process design, benefits evaluation and a possible IT implementation roadmap. It aims at the reduction of complexity, increase of efficiency and transparency of processes with full business IT alignment. Are you ready to accelerate your business? 3-2-1-Go!

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Sourcing Maturity Assessment Services

Enable an increased efficiency of your sourcing setup, assess and plan your strategic change

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Universal – Consor

Tool for individual and industry insurance. Efficient solution to combine individualization and standardization for the quotation and policy process. Universal is a web-based solution for insurance companies to create standardized processes, business rules and modular products. It supports the insurance underwriter in managing the whole contract lifecycle in only one application, and ensures the traceability of all individually created products and product generations. It is compatible with other quotation and policy systems, and decreases the complexity of the IT infrastructure.

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