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A new chemistry in the markets

Profitability and growth continue to be top of the agenda for senior leaders across the chemical industry.

At BearingPoint we see four major trends that will have a significant impact on the industry in Europe over the next five years:

  • Shale gas extraction in the US will significantly change the game – the industry may see some economic disruption in regions that use crude oil to produce.
  • Strategic portfolio alignments will be made in order to further improve overall performance. We expect M&A transactions to increase after a flat post-economic crisis period.
  • There will be a continued focus on cost management. Identifying and realizing additional improvement potential will be crucial for the success of industry players in Europe as their highly productive legacy production facilities compete with new-world scale assets in Asia and low cost energy and feedstock based on shale gas from the US.
  • Customer demand, especially in specialty chemicals segment, will stay volatile and supply chain complexity will increase. Demand will continue to shift to customer-specific products (active ingredient, formulation, packaging), which in turn will affect supply chain and inventory levels.

We use customized approaches and proven toolsets to achieve sustainable results for our clients. To this end, we have built a knowledge database to accelerate the results we achieve in all phases of a project.

We develop pragmatic concepts to help our clients consolidate or strategically re-align business units and business lines according to corporate or divisional targets and principles.

We implement strategies for product and customer portfolio optimization, performance improvement (operational excellence, growth) and business process management.

We manage firm-wide programs to integrate acquired businesses and business partners, harmonizing processes and information technology.

Many of our projects are built on a financial business case quantifying benefits over effort and a measurable ROI proposition.

Here’s how your function relates to what we offer.

We make sure we understand your business problems, the trends in your industry and then work out what we need to do to achieve results for you. Our consultants know where you are coming from, because they’ve usually been in your industry. We combine our deep knowledge and experience in your sector with the technical ability to create solutions with real business value. We’re always looking to find ways to improve your productivity, streamline your processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities for you.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.

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