Point of view: "The stem cell and the missing link"


An Excel cell is a stem cell: it can be used for everything! In corporate finance it is used to calculate, aggregate, simulate and produce reports… But the growth of these cells can sometimes no longer be controlled. Excel is flexible and omnipresent in finance departments; however, there is no guarantee of its contents’ reliability, which are growing exponentially.

Centralised and structured systems (ERP, datawarehouse) are often at the heart of a company’s financial management. However, this organ is fragile: an open heart surgery is a tricky procedure, and developing these systems is a complex task.

Between Excel’s polymorphous flexibility and the inflexible nature of centralised financial management systems, SAP provides the missing link: in BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation). This software solution offers flexibility for finance departments in their planning, simulations and data consolidation processes.

Now with SAP’s BPC version 10 out and available, BearingPoint wanted to produce an interim review of its evolutions and help you to understand the thinking behind this “missing link” and its purpose.

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