Digitalization: Are you prepared to balance the market power between customers, suppliers and competitors?

Digitalization will have a major impact in the pharmaceutical industry – but digital talents are missing Read more

How will we insure our digital future?

The “Internet of Things” and Big Data analysis make it possible to collect, connect, and create information. This opens up many new opportunities for society, but also presents threats. Read more

Реализация нормы закона о персональных данных в Российской Федерации

Специалисты компании BearingPoint рассмотрели различные сценарии реализации нормы ФЗ № 152 от 27.07.2006 «О персональных данных» в части выполнения требований к обеспечению хранения баз данных, содержащих персональные данные граждан Российской Федерации Read more

Could regulation put the brakes on the digital economy?

The digital megatrend currently enjoys boundless freedom and economic benefits with a low level of social responsibility, but could all this be at a turning point? A new wave of regulation could easily rearrange the market. Who would be impacted? Read more

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