Innovation, Resource and Project Management

    Companies face many challenges in the product development process. Products become more complex and the individual innovation cycle shortens and customer demands increase permanently. Whether products succeed is mainly affected in the early phases of product definition. On the other hand companies have to deal with restricted development resources and budgets. Hence it is important to focus on the right products, projects and to use resources and budgets in an effective way to create as much customer value as possible. Existing heterogeneous process and tool landscapes prevent many companies to be as effective as they should be.


    How BearingPoint brings value

    BearingPoint help its clients:

    BearingPoint offers an integrated and holistic approach of span systems engineering methods into other phases of the management of product lifecycle. The main development disciplines will be integrated:

    The ongoing integration of core PLM tools, issues tracking, logistics & ERP completes this approach.
    BearingPoint works closely with market leading PLM Software vendors for the outlined processes (Siemens PLM and Planview).



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