Responding to crisis. Prepared to move forward.

Responding to crisis. Prepared to move forward.

Change can be unexpected, and it can happen more suddenly than anyone imagines. However, we have seen how quickly people can adapt to new circumstances. The priority now is what happens next. Strategy 2025 is our way forward. Working together, and working with purpose, I am confident that we will emerge from the crisis stronger than ever.

Strategy 2025:
Innovative. Focused. People-powered.

Our strategy defines how we will succeed in a fast-changing world. It is a story of innovation and IP, built on unique strengths, powered by people, and driven by three inspiring ambitions: One, put people at the center - our ‘how and why’ of everything. Two, outperform the market every year. Finally, be in the top three wherever we play.


  • Outperform the market every year

  • Put people at the center

  • Be in the top three for our chosen areas of expertise

Core Strengths

  • Ability to innovate and create IP

  • People-centric culture and principles

  • Independent European consultancy with global reach

  • Business consultancy with management and technology capabilities

Business success through collaboration and personal growth.

BearingPoint is fueled with the spirit of enterprise. Ours is a culture of growth and opportunity based first and foremost on the unique experience of each individual, within an environment designed to help us move faster - as a business and as people.

We enable it to happen through ambitious personal development and a progressive approach to the way we work: Firm-wide communities cutting across hierarchies and silos, and working together within structured systems for effective knowledge management, innovation and IP creation.

(Y)Our Ways

A different way of thinking, a better way of working. (Y)Our Ways is our dynamic new internal program – designed to promote collaboration, innovation, agile-working, and transparency across business units, countries and teams.

Invested in making an impact.

2020 starts a decade of purpose for BearingPoint. We are renewing our efforts in order to maximize the social impact of everything we do – within our CSR pillars of People, Planet, and Society. And we are maintaining our commitment to invest at least 1% of our annual EBIT directly to CSR.

We are bringing CSR to a more strategic level by challenging the way we approach it, and making it a completely natural part of our day-to-day business.

Defined by values. Growing with purpose.

The progress of our business goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to doing the right thing for our people, clients, and the world at large. Successful partnerships and acquisitions developed over the last 10 years have helped to make us who we are today. And our numbers are evidence of what we are already achieving – delivering results now, while creating a solid platform for future growth towards our Strategy 2025.

  • 781
    Total revenue
  • 4639
    People in the business
  • 41
    Number of offices
  • 23
    Number of countries with BearingPoint offices
  • 183
    Number of Partners

Positive numbers. Positive outlook.

Despite unprecedented global challenges and uncertainty, we believe that our unique strengths, and focused propositions mean that we are well-positioned for continued success in the long term.

Revenues* (EUR in million)
2019 781.2
2018 737.6
2017 713.2
2016 629.9
2015 563.3
2014 558.2
2013 552.8
2012 507.4
2011 513.6
2010 461.7
2009 440.6
Employees (Year End)**
2019 4639
2018 4574
2017 4343
2016 3901
2015 3709
2014 3498
2013 3403
2012 3340
2011 3481
2010 3273
2009 3140

*incl. BearingPoint Holding B.V. Group, BearingPoint Portugal Lda. and BearingPoint Russsia OOO
** incl. client facing and non-client facing staff

European leaders with worldwide influence.

BearingPoint provides clients with global coverage and connection with all key markets, from our European offices, and through our strong network of international affiliates.

  • BearingPoint
  • ABeam Consulting
  • Grupo ASSA
  • West Monroe Partners
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This is Future Ready
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