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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through its Passport Offices in Dublin, Cork, London, and its embassies abroad, is responsible for issuing all Irish passports. This involves the complete passport-issuance process, from application processing through to booklet personalization. The Irish Passport Service issued over 750,000 passports in 2016 – a figure that is increasing year on year – and has a staff of 350.


To design and implement a new Target Operating Model including transformation of business processes, organizational structure, and a full technology refresh through a three-year reform program.


BearingPoint worked with the Irish Passport Service in developing a detailed business case and plan for a three-year program to radically transform its operations. The overarching objectives of the program are to facilitate the Passport Service’s customers’ changing needs in line with the Government’s Public Sector ICT Strategy and Digital First policy to increase security controls and to streamline and provide flexibility in operations. To date, the Passport Reform Program has achieved a number of goals, including the detailed design of a new Target Operating Model, delivery of a new facial-recognition system, enhanced customer-service systems including leveraging digital channels for web chat, and delivery of a real-time analytics solution to provide in-themoment operational insights for the Passport Service. In addition, a number of projects are at an advanced stage, including the rollout of a new digital channel for adults renewing their passport from anywhere in the world and an enhanced Emergency Travel Certificate incorporating the latest security features.


At this early stage in the reform program, the Passport Service and Irish citizens are already reaping the benefits of the early projects through increased efficiency, antifraud measures, and better customer service. Over the lifetime of the program, as new organizational structures, business processes, and technologies continue to be rolled out, the Passport Service will realize its ambition of being a fully integrated service delivering a more efficient, predictable, and citizenfocused service. At the same time, there will be an increased focus on fraud-detection and prevention measures to maintain the integrity of the Irish passport.