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Our training curriculum consists of face-to-face, blended, and online learning programs that enable us to train and develop our people according to their individual needs. This is in line with our principle that development and career progression is a top priority at our firm. All training programs promote competencies, skills, and behaviors that our people need for their daily work and that are important for a successful career at the firm. These competencies, skills, and behaviors are described in our competency framework, so that all our people can understand the requirements and actively participate in shaping their further development and career. The training curriculum and the competency framework combined form the firm’s learning strategy.

As an internationally operating consulting firm, we make sure that we share experiences across all countries and regions. So, in addition to local and regional training programs, we created firm-wide training programs where colleagues from all over the world come together in order to learn, share their experiences, and engage in networking. One of the most important firm-wide trainings is our Be.School onboarding program, which we run several times every year and where 220 new employees are trained in the basics of consulting skills at BearingPoint for one week. To ensure the highest training standards, we work with prestigious training providers and business schools around the world such as the Yale School of Management and Saïd Business School in Oxford.

In addition to functional training courses such as on the topics of sales or engagement management, we pay special attention to the advancement of our leaders. Management and leadership skills are taught in a wide variety of training courses. Once our colleagues are promoted to Managers, they attend the New Manager Training so that they can learn the skills they need for their new role. We provide training programs for our future female leaders that deal specifically with the female leadership role. In addition to this, we offer sessions at the Yale School of Management for management and leadership skills. Our leadership training programs are accompanied by our talent management program that guides our most talented people on their way to Partner level. Leadership training programs are still important for those who are already Partners. A training curriculum specifically designed for our Partners offers a whole series of courses and workshops such as learning expeditions and leadership training programs hosted by the Saïd Business School in Oxford.

Since consultants travel a lot, it is important that we offer not only face-to-face training programs, but also education online. We provide more than 4,000 online learning programs and more than 10,000 books and journals on our online system so that our people can organize their learning in line with their traveling demands.

  • 37,300 training hours of firm-wide training programs
  • 24 firm-wide training programs
  • 1,020 participants in firm-wide training programs across BearingPoint
  • Satisfaction index: 92.1% (2.5% more than in 2016)

All these figures refer to 2017 and are firm-wide. This means transnational training programs only. If all regional and local training programs were included in this figure, the result would be even higher.