Bring innovation to life

Given the universe of potential application fields arising from the possibilities of current and upcoming technological advancements, innovation is a crucial discipline for software firms. Innovation constantly translates new ideas into offerings that provide value to clients.

The success of software firms relies on a relentless pursuit of transforming novel ideas into tangible and value-rich offerings for clients. In this dynamic landscape, where competition is fierce, consistently delivering innovative solutions becomes paramount for software firms to maintain their competitive edge and thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Innovation doesn’t always have to be a drastic change to product and service portfolios; it can also be a simple improvement to an existing product or service. The important thing is to make innovation happen in a firm’s given organizational environment. Incentivization and motivation are critical to initiate and maintain collective intelligence. Taking an enjoyable and engageable approach to innovation training and coaching helps your people develop innovative thinking skills and practices.

Our innovation approach helps turn insights into ideas and, finally, into products and services. The journey requires a strong collaboration across the entire innovation ecosystem.

This ecosystem must involve your customers to attain the desired customer-focused outcome. It should involve different roles within your organization and your network of partners. You should engage with industry experts to get relevant insights, especially in vertical markets.

Insights feed your innovation funnel.

Exploration challenges existing assumptions around your markets and offerings and helps change perspectives. Compelling insights inspire and motivate your people to innovate, and asking the right questions leads to relevant ideas. Joint innovation exchanges with your customers and partners generate a pipeline of insights you can build upon. Gain insights about what challenges your customers are struggling with, pay attention to their needs, and question the existing ones. Use insight labs to generate insights about specific challenges and needs: this is the foundation of the idea-generation process.

Ideation is an interdisciplinary exercise.

Given the trend of verticalized and comprehensive ICT solutions such as cyber-physical systems (CPS), the ideation should involve experts contributing to the vertical, functional, and technological aspects of your customers’ businesses, which will extend the innovation potential.

It’s easier to connect the dots when considering various inputs.

Utilize ideation spaces and campaigns to engage the collective intelligence of your innovation ecosystem, fostering the innovation process. In the ICT space, ideation has traditionally focused on rapidly moving to prototyping and scaling products in a world of horizontal solutions and segregated software, hardware, and connectivity components. In an increasingly verticalized and multidisciplinary business environment, ideation should be given more room to explore.

Learn fast, accept failure, and succeed sooner.

Easy experiments can quickly provide valuable learnings to complete the ideation step and prepare for the next development stage, increasing chances of success and reducing the cost of innovation. Use garage sprints and prototyping to bring your experiments forward to become a minimum viable product (MVP). Keep on building, testing, and learning. Different client experiences provide the learnings to properly develop and consolidate your products and services.

An innovation process involving your ecosystem’s collective intelligence must be aligned with conventional product development and portfolio management to scale up based on your collective innovative power. It requires deep integration into your firm’s operating model to realize the value of your firm’s collective intelligence. Innovation often fizzles because it lacks integration with a firm’s operational processes.

Create a winning culture

Your firm’s doings should be based on a set of core beliefs – the values of your firm. These shall guide your people and networks and your policies and practices. It must exemplify how you want to conduct your business. Your values should reflect your dedication to the development and success of your clients and your people.

Diversity is a principle to achieve great results and teaming another. Sharing knowledge, tools, and resources is essential for achieving the best possible outcomes. Celebrating individual and team accomplishments is also essential to establish and maintain a prospering team culture. The importance of caring for people, being passionate about what your firm is doing, and the level of ambition and excellence are further aspects that should be reflected in your firm’s values.

Operationalizing your firm’s values can help exemplify how you want to collaborate within your business ecosystem and interact with your environment to execute your strategy and accomplish your business goals.

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