BearingPoint supports your company by leveraging the full potential of your sales organization. We offer end-to-end services tailored to your individual needs and goals. Our 4-step approach optimizes your partner channels and helps you successfully market your products and services.

We strategically advise software platform companies and hyperscalers on the development of products, services, value chain customization, and product commercialization. We build on years of experience consulting leading software platform providers in optimizing their business development and sales channels.

To leverage the significant potential of your partner channel, we offer services tailored to the needs and goals of software platform providers and hyperscalers. We use a 4-step model:

  1. Analysis
  2. Recruitment
  3. Readiness
  4. Engagement

This model enables you to identify the potential and challenges of your customers, find the right partners, qualify employees for new solutions, and strengthen customer relationships.

  1. Analysis: The existing partner channels are analyzed to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Quantitative and qualitative data are collected for a comprehensive picture of the current situation.
  2. Recruitment: Potential new partners are identified who fit the goals and requirements of your firm. Existing and new markets and segments are considered to increase the reach and diversity of partner channels.
  3. Readiness: The selected partners are prepared to work with your company. Technical and business aspects are addressed to strengthen the competence and trust of the partners. In addition, shared goals and incentives are defined to promote the motivation and commitment of the partners.
  4. Engagement: The partners are supported in marketing and distributing your products and services. Strategic as well as operational measures are taken to analyze and optimize the performance and success of your partner channels.

With this proven 4-step approach, we support you to effectively manage and develop your partner channels and increase competitiveness and market success.

One example of success is our collaboration with Microsoft as part of the BearingPoint Microsoft Practice.

This practice realizes digital visions with intelligent, data-driven applications that unlock the potential of Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Windows 10, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

The practice offers end-to-end services that include consulting, implementation, and managed services. The focus is on people and their integration into the digital workplace. The practice leverages best practices such as the Modern Workplace Accelerator and FastTrack Services to accelerate and simplify migration to the cloud. It has the gold competency in the key categories for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure: cloud productivity (Office 365) and cloud platform (Azure).

BearingPoint is your partner for your digital transformation. Let’s realize your digital vision together.

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