Together with the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, we hosted the "Open Mic Next in Health Series" event on March 11 in Basel. Iris Grewe, Partner and Regional Leader Germany, Switzerland and Austria at BearigPoint and Matthias Röser, Partner and Global Leader Technology at BearingPoint had the opportunity to join Alexandra Beckstein from QAI Ventures and Leslie Anne Fendt from Roche on the panel to discuss new technologies, AI and quantum and how they will change the healthcare industry.

Watch the full recording and find the main takeaways:

  • Education and workforce preparedness are critical factors for Quantum technology.
  • AI applications are revolutionizing the pharma supply chain, prompting us to ponder not just what can be done, but what should be done.
  • As we accelerate technology at an unprecedented pace, sustainability and ethical considerations must be at the forefront of our discussions.
  • Geographical differences highlight diverse approaches, with the US excelling in hardware and Europe focusing on software applications.
  • Regulation is crucial to foster innovation while ensuring safety and efficacy. 

Watch the recording here