We believe people need to be allowed to embrace change and be flexible to meet the demands of customers, businesses/organisations. Therefore, organisational culture and ways of working need to be designed to enable resilience. Organisations that enable their people to respond to the unexpected will reap the benefits.

BearingPoint’s research proves that organizations’ people strategy can only be successful if it is underpinned by the five dimensions of a resilient organization:

1. Empower your people for change: Resilient companies’ people are adaptive

Create a working environment which supports your people to rapidly adapt to change and uncertainty.

2. Understand your customer ecosystem: Resilient companies enable their people to understand their customer and supply chain 

Make sure your people interact positively with your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  As services are increasingly delivered through digital, customer contact increasingly focuses on the management of exceptions.

3. Align data centricity with business outcomes: People interconnected to data and data owned by people 

Your people ought to be an integral part of understanding the role of data to support business decisions

4. Use technology to improve agility: Resilient companies use technology to enable people to be productive

Your people need to be involved in technology delivery to link technology to your business model

5. Effective governance for smart decisions: Resilient companies introduce people governance to better decision making 

You need to create appropriate structures, clear decision-making processes, and effective escalations to deliver people empowerment. 

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  • Andrew Montgomery

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