Emerging stronger as a purpose-driven firm


The second year of the pandemic saw continued restrictions and upheavals. However, our performance shows that we found the right answers to the uncertainty of rapidly shifting global trends and new challenges faced by our clients. We saw record bookings and revenue growth in our Consulting, Products, and Capital units. We saw growth in all 24 countries where we are present. In the year ahead, we see this trend accelerating and increasing in momentum. This is a testament to our strong positioning, the difference we make in the market, the values we bring to the table when collaborating with our clients, and our drive for innovative solutions.

We were able to accomplish this through initiatives that had been developed well before the pandemic – digital transformation, innovation, new ways of working, that helped make it easy for us to adapt and make progress. It is something innate to us. So much so that it is reflected in our newly launched purpose statement:

Together, we are more than business.

We head into the future as a strong purpose-driven organization and our purpose statement encapsulates our spirit. It helps our clients and external stakeholders understand who we are and why we exist. It touches upon three primary things – people, innovation, and sustainability.

  • €738m

    Total revenue

  • 1,298

    Projects delivered

  • 50

    Countries in which we delivered projects

  • 600 days

    Consulting time allocated to pro bono projects

  • 4,261

    BearingPoint people

  • 21

    IP products and services

  • 23

    Countries with BearingPoint offices

  • 41

    BearingPoint offices

  • 15%

    Revenue increase

  • 27%

    Bookings increase


Partners in success

  • Henkel develops a cutting-edge sales cloud that takes sales promotion to the next level

    With the support of BearingPoint’s expertise in technology and project management, we were able to build this game-changing tool to analyze and understand which of our sales promotions have been most successful and over what period of time. The analytics tools provide us with valuable insights to help us make informed decisions about future plans moving forward.

    Sascha Wirtz, CVP Consumer, Customer & Markets at the digital hub, Henkel dx

  • Polestar positions its supply chain in China to demonstrate a sustainable industry

    Great collaboration with BearingPoint to integrate sustainability management into Polestar’s global procurement process. The project driven by BearingPoint enables us to align Polestar’s supply chain sustainability ambitions with suppliers and helps us to identify priorities and track progress for areas of improvement.

    Ellie Wu, Global Head of Procurement at Polestar

  • Graham Construction improves project profitability by moving equipment management into the digital age with ETM.next

    As we had established SAP BTP as our platform of choice for cloud applications ETM.next was the next logical step to move our equipment management into the digital age supporting our transformation towards an intelligent enterprise.

    Matt Gramblicka, Vice President IT & Enterprise Applications at Graham Construction

  • Hastings Direct enhances team performance in a hybrid workplace with ActiveManager

    Hastings partnered with BearingPoint to successfully deliver Hastings ‘Active Manager Program’ in our Operational teams with positive results in both their behavioral and technical capabilities that have delivered measurable commercial benefits. Working with BearingPoint has been a true partnership, their focus on delivering changes that we can sustain has been highly valuable to us.

    Pam Angel, Group HR Director at Hastings Direct

  • Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur enables a more sustainable strategy by implementing a real estate master plan

    The study made it possible to identify operational scenarios to optimize the real estate portfolio occupied by our employees over the next decade and respond to the challenges of new ways of working.

    Elodie Rostand, Project Manager of Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur real estate master plan

  • Helping Save the Children Finland to support a brighter future for youngsters

    The collaboration with BearingPoint has opened new ways for us to consider developing our work from an analytical perspective in the future. This is especially important because children and young people have a growing need to connect with a trusted adult. Based on data analysis, we can streamline our services to best meet the number of on-call volunteer staff and the needs of young people.

    Lauri Sundberg, Project Planner at Save the Children Finland

  • TÜV Rheinland goes agile and launches an innovative workflow platform

    Thanks to our new service delivery platform that we implemented with BearingPoint’s support, we improved our collaboration and client communication and have opened up our company to new revenue opportunities.

    Sebastian Müller, Business Officer Information Management Business Stream Products at TÜV Rheinland

  • Yorkshire Water increases maintenance productivity by 19% while improving service quality and safety

    The ActiveManager programme helped us achieve greater productivity and fast, which we needed to meet our business goals. The programme actually exceeded the benefits case. However, it did this in a way that upskilled our people, improved how we worked together, and made sure that safety and quality were always the first priority. It has changed how we work for the better.

    Adam Ashman, Head of Engineering and Maintenance Services at Yorkshire Water

  • Bayerische Versorgungskammer empowers its IT division with new IT governance

    BearingPoint has co-designed the future IT governance and thus the important guard rails for the IT line-up of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK). The balanced ratio of standards – such as COBIT2019 – and BearingPoint’s expertise from practical experience created a practical and usable result for BVK.

    Robert Notz, Head of Division IV at Bayerische Versorgungskammer


A look at our future

Our Strategy 2025 outlines three inspiring ambitions. The first, to put people at the center of everything. Our colleagues, our clients, and our society. Second, outperform the market every year. 2021 has been one of the highlight years for BearingPoint, we’ve performed exceptionally well across sectors and geographies. Third, be one of the top three players in our areas of expertise. We aim to be positioned as leaders with our expertise in Consulting, Products, and Capital, each with their own distinct service offering and model. Overarching our three ambitions, we are holistically committed to sustainability with dedicated goals.

Recent years have seen a rising tide of unprecedented uncertainty. It required a mixture of building resilience and increasing sustainability. We are helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint, become more ecologically conscious in their supply chain operations, develop better risk mitigation in terms of forecasting and planning. We’re bringing in agile methodologies and new ways of working. We’ve developed a range of new IP products and assets that are generating additional business on top of our core consulting practice.

Against this background, we will accelerate our innovation activities and the development of our IP products and services with major investments in our BearingPoint Products unit.

Most important, we will focus on our people and the implementation of our purpose.


for our people

  • 1,342

    New hires

  • 76

    Nationalities of BearingPoint people

  • 39%

    Female new hires

  • 700+

    Live (virtual) training courses in 2021

  • (5.5/6)

    “My leaders treat me with respect” Best rated item in our People Survey

  • 4.9/6

    Average belonging score


People first, is essential to our strategy. Our firm’s success is a direct result of our people. And our culture is built on a foundation of shared beliefs and ambition. We want people to feel that they belong here and that they are always rewarded and cared for. We believe in empowering our teams and encouraging both personal and professional growth. We celebrate collaboration. People-centricity is more than just words. It’s about keeping a promise to our people. It’s about the action we’re taking. We’ve defined a framework to illustrate the different levels through which we bring to life our people-centricity.



  • 60

    Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

  • 71

    Use cases with high potential

  • 200+

    Use cases in the asset funnel

  • 1,400+

    Be An Innovator project participants

  • 58

    Assets under development


Innovation is about solving problems or creating opportunities by thinking differently. It’s driven by exchanging ideas with others, by challenging your thoughts and confronting your point of view. BearingPoint has been driven by new ideas from the beginning and is now reaching a new scale.

Our unique technology-enabled consulting approach allows us to create an ecosystem of leading services, innovations and solutions that fuels our IP Asset development and continued successful growth.


for our planet

  • 4,055 tons

    CO2e emissions offset by forest and peatland conservation and restoration partners

  • 50%

    Emissions reduction goal by the end of 2025 as compared to 2019

  • 46

    Sustainability-focused projects

  • 560

    New trees planted with Treedom


We’ve been deeply involved in building sustainable solutions both internally and for our clients for more than ten years. Now we’re on the path to do even more. To achieve our sustainability goals – 50% reduction of our carbon emissions (by the end of 2025), sustainable project management practices and getting B Corp certified. Further initiatives include our Task Force – (E)mission Zero, GreenWays app, Sustainability Hacks, Digital Good Deeds. Our BearingPoint Emissions Calculator, in partnership with SAP, is also becoming renowned in the market.

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