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The current overall economic situation, oil price wars and limitations associated with Covid-19 are causing painful circumstances for each and every part of the oil and gas value chain. Yet, the companies that can quickly adapt to the changes and embrace intelligent technologies to automate their operations have an unprecedented opportunity to minimize risks and to develop new business strategies.​

This webinar takes a deep dive into these trends shaping the refinery industry and thereby proposes a set of priorities that will drive transformation and the path to innovation. 


1.  Current situation and its impact on the Business Priorities of a Refinery
2.  Digital Refinery Concept

  • End to end value proposition  
  • Digital solutions capabilities for procurement, asset management, analytics & reporting and production execution

  3.  Best Practice and Use Cases

  • Increasing automation in steering and reporting
  • Supplier and Supply Chain Risk
  • Performance Optimization Based on Solomon Benchmarking
  • Asset Management Use Case​

  4.  Time for Q&A and Feedback

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