Realize the potential of integrated, SAP-oriented bank management – we’ll take you there.

Integrated bank management is becoming increasingly important for your overall success. We build a clear target image for your efficient, integrated bank management and accompany you on your way there.

Our SAP Analytical Banking team focuses on the following SAP applications:

Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP)

BearingPoint was involved in creating the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP), the basis for a redundancy-free central data store as a single point of truth using a banking data model. The FSDP offers you all the options for connecting SAP and non-SAP source systems and various bank control modules, such as accounting, risk and regulation, based on the latest technology.

Financial Products Subledger (FPSL)

The SAP Financial Products Subledger (FPSL) is your accounting subledger for all financial products and provides the necessary functionalities for your financial accounting according to the accounting standards relevant to you. Thanks to the SAP S/4HANA platform technology, detailed requirements go hand in hand with high processing performance for financial statement preparation and high-performance ad hoc reporting options.


Customer expectations are sharply increasing, digitalization across all sales channels has become a must, and the market environment demands cost reductions and efficiency gains.

The fundament for banks is shifting, and a realignment of the application landscape, particularly the bank management architecture, keeps a bank oriented to the future. Existing processes and systems must be harmonized and optimized. Functional and data silos must come together to meet the cross-departmental reporting requirements. Data must be as granular as possible, especially in accounting, with extensive analyses and reporting options.

The solution is based on SAP architecture with SAP FSDP/FSDM or SAP FPSL

The future-oriented target architecture for your overall bank management links all management-relevant areas of the bank, such as accounting, controlling and risk management, via a uniform, consistent and high-performance database. In conjunction with the uniform SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP), the SAP Financial Services Data Management (SAP FSDM) is such a database. The scope of services includes several adapters, such as connecting upstream systems (including Loans Management/CML) and providing accounting-relevant data to FPSL or data required for calculations to PaPM. In addition, the tools used for reporting can perform queries directly on FSDP/FSDM or in FPSL, which is a significant improvement, as it was usually necessary to wait for processing and persistence in a separate BW.

The following figure shows an exemplary SAP bank management architecture based on SAP FDSP/FSDM as the single point of truth, including a bank-specific data model, SAP FPSL as the accounting subledger, SAP Profitability and Performance Management (SAP PaPM) for controlling and Wolters Kluwers OneSumX for risk management.

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