After decades of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, downstream specialization through higher value-added products, the rise and fast development of new competitors in Asia and the Middle East, the asset-intensive chemical industry is now facing, like all other global businesses, game-changing challenges derived from the disruptive potential of digitalization.

The unavoidable consequences for the global chemical industry ecosystem necessitate fast and in some cases fundamental adjustments of business models by developing and implementing a digital strategy. To maintain competitiveness, businesses must ensure that their organization is ready to meet new digital challenges to respond to customer needs, and where possible, define the future of digital engagement.

This is done by addressing questions such as:

  • Are we creating better products, deeper customer loyalty and new business models fast enough to secure future growth?
  • Are we attractive for customers who are increasingly demanding real-time responses?
  •  Are our internal processes able to deal with the increasing requirements for efficiency and agility (flexibility)?

Our digital strategy team will provide chemical industry knowledge and functional expertise in digital customer management, business model generation, process optimization and technology.

We have developed a scalable approach to assess the status of digital activities in your company, to evaluate digital options of today and tomorrow, and to guide you from digital vision to strategy. The steps for implementation:

  1. Develop an incremental digital journey
  2. Define digital principles and organizational ownership
  3. Increase agility to overcome structural inertia
  4. Develop a digital and dare-to-fail culture
  5. Define, implement and monitor consistent KPIs to ensure business and customer relevance and competitiveness
  6. Build the digital business on data insights

Your benefits

  • Increased customer orientation and improved innovation performance
  • Improved responsiveness and service performance relative to competitors
  • Better market position against competitors
  • Sustainable growth

We will help you to define your digital strategy and develop a roadmap for future-proof business models. By combining our industry expertise with our know-how in the field of digital strategies and digital innovation, we help chemical companies identify their digital maturity and develop a digital vision for the future. We accompany you all the way from the definition of your strategic focus areas, the assessment of your current digital positioning, the development of a digital strategy and the implementation of agile digital initiatives throughout the organization.

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