Digital transformation is a fast-growing area within healthcare, with artificial intelligence, big data, predictive analytics and IoT being some of the leading trends.

Artificial intelligence (AI) could become synonymous with innovation, and medical industry players eagerly invest millions in it. The real power of AI is seen in areas like precision medicine, medical imaging, drug discovery and genomics. It can provide opportunities for healthcare in Europe to deliver more and better care to an aging population. Still, there are no clear strategies on how AI should be used in healthcare in many European countries.

Predictive analytics, based on big data and artificial intelligence, is another area of increasing interest. Predictive analytics in healthcare aggregates vast amounts of patient data from electronic health records (EHR) and administrative paperwork and processes it, searching for patterns. With predictive analytics, healthcare providers can determine which diseases patients are likely to develop and how they will respond to different treatments.

IoT in healthcare is another growing area, with wearable devices recording health data in real-time. The focus is on prevention and maintenance, and the wearable medical device market is also getting a boost from patients wanting more health information.

Below please find sample offerings and solutions that we deliver to our clients to help them manage and benefit from the opportunities that digital transformation brings.

Business Case

BearingPoint has a long, successful track record in healthcare, social care, federal and local government and emergency services. We have an in-depth understanding of business cases for digital transformation, new organizations, new operating models and systems, and the organizational change that often follows. This allows us to produce robust and compelling business cases and develop financial and economic analyses in sensitive areas. We also provide business case training, quality assurance and independent scrutiny of business cases, particularly complex ones requiring significant investment. 

Benefits Management

BearingPoint has a well-established, robust and effective benefits management approach, which we have successfully applied across the public sector, including several digital transformation programs, either as a standalone service or as part of a business case. Combining our experience of what works with best practice approaches drawn from Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and the Association for Project Management (APM), we work with clients to define benefits management strategies, engage stakeholders, identify, map, classify, document and model the benefits they seek to deliver. We ensure timely and accurate reporting, giving our clients the best possible chance of successfully achieving their desired outcomes and benefits. We also provide benefits management training and apply innovative approaches to outcome relationship modeling to assist with program design and ensure that programs stay focused on “doing the right thing” to achieve strategic objectives.

Digital Transformation with EHR

We combine our solid healthcare expertise with technical knowledge and a proven record in change management. We support our clients with strategy work, project management, business development and deployment. We work closely with our clients and act as a link between system developers and healthcare professionals through the transformation phase from project start to benefit realization.

Medtech and IT integration

IT systems and Medtech equipment are becoming more and more integrated and interdependent. BearingPoint supports hospitals and healthcare organizations in various regions by establishing technology strategies, governance and operations models. All information between Medtech and IT is secured to the highest standards.

Sourcing as an Enabler for Digital Transformation

With our proven methodology for sourcing and extensive experience in public procurement, we have supported our clients in numerous sourcing projects. We analyze the potential sourcing object from different perspectives and share our insights regarding the vendor market. We support the client with our sourcing and legal expertise throughout the sourcing process.

Transforming IT Systems to New Business Models

By combining knowledge and experience in strategy, business, technology and master data, we have created a framework for adapting IT systems within healthcare to new business models. We support the client with project and program management, stakeholder analysis, implementation, communication and change management in close collaboration with medical staff and IT departments.

Local Alarm and Signaling System in Healthcare

We know the entire local alarm process from a technology and a business perspective. We can facilitate dialogue on business requirements as well as further development. Value-generating implementation requires knowledge about the solution requirements, which can look very different in the different types of care. Our experience, knowledge and understanding of implementing systems and solutions have given us confidence in training management and trainers within Nurse call.

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to Reduce Time and Waste

Real-time positioning allows tracking and locating equipment, resources, pharmaceuticals and supplies. We have experience procuring RTLS systems and designing and implementing solutions in healthcare operations, enabling improvements in various areas.

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) for Efficient Handling

We have experience in introducing solutions for the efficient handling of logistics and delivery of materials with AGVs, such as food for patients, patient wear and bedding, pharmaceuticals and reusable sterile supplies. Our experience is that AGVs result in increased productivity, higher quality and a better working environment.


HyperCube is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution embedded within our big data platform (data lake) that provides users with unique analytics, predictive modeling and data visualization capabilities. It is a powerful analytic platform we use with clients to help explain complex phenomena and predict future behaviors. It is highly customizable and based on easily explainable rules behind complex predictive models. HyperCube unveils insights and visualizations in the snap of a finger, enabling our clients to make smarter, evidence-based decisions.

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