Realizing all potentials of configure, price, quote (CPQ) excellence leads to reduced process complexity, higher win rates while realizing bigger average offer volumes, as well as lower quotation throughput times while achieving a higher quality in the proposal output.

Quoting in the area of industrial equipment and manufacturing is often a slow, expensive and risky process. Quote lead times and risks arise mainly through technical inconsistencies, imprecise price calculations and by errors in manual data consolidation between IT systems. Product knowledge and technical understanding of new product developments cannot be made available fast enough to the global sales or channel partner.

Ultimately, considerable negative effects arise, such as:

  • Fewer sales due to lost deals
  • Less profit in acquired offers
  • Suboptimal satisfaction of the employees involved in the process in the company
  • Suboptimal perceived quality of customer view

Industries around the globe face the challenge of increasing customer demand for highly customized, tailored-to-fit products while, at the same time, having shorter lead-to-order sales cycles. Companies nowadays require a flexible and holistic sales configuration approach. As customers usually have the option to select among a vast range of different product options from performance parameters and specific design choices like different colors and materials, to completely personalized products, companies feel the need for implementing a supporting CPQ software.

Our approach

Quotation quality improvement as well as cost and lead time reduction in the quotation process by implementing an efficient CPQ system and process landscape.

Commercial complexity analytics

Deep dive into your quote creation process to get a common understanding of organizational impact, with special focus on technical complexity, challenging bit situations, and involved organizational entities.

Product complexity analytics

Analysis of the impact and dependencies of your specific product range (MTS, CTO, ETO) on quote complexity. Consider specific configuration and pricing approaches to leverage your past knowledge and experience.

Process and IT solution design

Design an integrated and sustainable process & IT solution incorporating existing PLM, CRM, ERP systems. Conception of a CPQ solution with functional integration of configuration and output management and collaboration tools. Supply deep market knowledge of available CPQ solutions using our CPQ vendor database.

With our help, you can make the most of systematically managing your proposals to minimize expenditure and maximize profit. Exhaustively taking into account all the possibilities of the quote process and reducing complexity has a direct, positive impact on time, expenses and risk - leading to a higher success rate for your offers.

CPQ Offering

  • Product Configuration Study - GEXSO 703.84 KB Download

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