An integrated process and application landscape that is flexible and efficient is needed in today’s manufacturing industry. It lays the foundation for ongoing growth strategies, greater customer reach, a faster response to shifting markets, quicker green-field ramp-ups and makes sales, service and supply chains less complex.

Heterogeneous business process models and diverse IT landscapes cause significant inefficiencies for operational processes and communication. That is why machinery and equipment producers are investing heavily in the establishment of globally harmonized processes that focus on business improvements.

Our offering in business harmonization supports industrial manufacturing in establishing a harmonized business process and IT landscape that is agile and promotes digital innovation. We assist companies in:

  • Harmonizing business processes and applications growth, efficiency and flexibility
  • Supporting transparency for fast decisions and sustainable business steering
  • Improving communication– more reliable long-term plans and forecasts
  • Enabling agile IT as a differentiator
  • Realizing a digital core platform for mobility, smart apps, etc.

BearingPoint supports customers in process, IT and data harmonization with deep knowledge in business transformations and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our consulting teams have gained deep insights from their long-term track record in the industry and know how to overcome the challenges that the manufacturing industry faces with:

Our approach is based on a unique set of tools and methods, an industrial manufacturing process library, template governance models, a proven process standardization procedure and a successful rollout approach.

Business Process Harmonization

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