Development of an Omnichannel

We empower our clients by developing omnichannels that improve the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. The BearingPoint Omni-Channel-Management-Framework (OCM Framework) consists of seven components and serves as the basis for an omnichannel strategy.

By optimizing customer engagement and dismantling silos in a multi-channel model, you can gain positioning against the competition. New customer-oriented products create new market segments.

Optimized Customer Approach & Support

By integrating different sales channels, your customers are uniformly advised and consulted across a wide range of (products and) contact points. This increases customer loyalty, is a more efficient and targeted customer approach and better utilizes your offerings.

All Customer Data at a Glance

With the 360° view in CRM, all relevant, cross-company customer information can be viewed at a glance. Sales, in-house services and the service centers have a uniform image of the customer. In this way, the customer is always looked after in all business areas.

More Efficient Business Processes

By providing a unified view of the customer across all business areas, centralized campaigns and customer centers can better support sales and create opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. In addition, the cross-company view contributes to the dismantling of silos.

Development of Attractive Insurance Products

By increasing the understanding of the needs of the customer, products and processes can be promptly aligned to changing customer behavior. Customer information is also used to develop new and customized products.

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