How to successfully put B2B2C strategy into practice

To benefit from a B2B2C business model, the strategy and underlying technological solution must be well planned and implemented. At BearingPoint, we see the following three pillars to be essential for the successful realization of a B2B2C business model:

  • The golden triangle: people, processes, and platform
  • A unique customer experience
  • Connected data for a 360° customer view

People, processes, and platform

To get started with a B2B2C platform, the golden triangle approach must be adequately implemented. As standalone components, people, processes, and platform are necessary for organizational transformation and management. To achieve organizational efficiency, you need to balance the three and maintain good relationships among them.

People are at the heart of every strategy, and a good strategy is what drives people. With BearingPoint as your partner, you can establish new ways of working to deliver business transformation. BearingPoint’s holistic change management methodology covers all relevant change management procedures and is backed by numerous field-tested tools.

A robust and flexible IT architecture, as well as adequate tools, effective data management, and business process optimization, are the prerequisites for the success of any B2B2C strategy and the key to a unique and appealing customer experience.

Selecting the right platform to deliver upon your B2B2C approach is as critical as the processes you implement and the people that put the strategy into practice. We believe that successful transformation programs are based on a holistic approach in which business processes, the organization, and IT are closely linked. Our approach at BearingPoint combines our deep understanding of industry-specific processes, business models, and leading practices, coupled with our extensive knowledge in IT project implementation and in providing digital platform solutions.

Unique customer experience

The experience makes the difference: an exceptional customer experience is becoming the most important differentiator for companies in the digital era. For established companies, enabling customer experience can be difficult.

In the challenging field of B2B2C, BearingPoint can be your partner in enabling you to plan, design, and implement an exceptional customer experience. BearingPoint can identify and roadmap a tailored solution specific to your needs and challenges by understanding your current status. Finally, we offer specialized teams such as UX or service design experts that ensure the most success for our clients.

Connected data for a 360° customer view

The idea behind a 360-degree customer view is that companies can get full transparency of customer expectations and behaviors. To do this, data from different touchpoints are aggregated through which a customer encounters a company to buy products and receive service and support.

With the increasing use of digital technologies, companies are using a growing number of tools to extend this 360-degree view further. These include predictive analytics tools to determine what customers will search for next or what they will buy as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software.

Building up a powerful B2B2C platform is more important than ever. Various applications integrate with existing systems to enable data sharing and a cohesive, timely, and accurate view of the customer.

From data analysis to on-site implementation, BearingPoint pragmatically supports clients in their B2B2C transformation program to get a 360-degree view of their customer base.

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