Leading Government administrations organise themselves and their services based on a number of core principles.

They are resilient enough to withstand the effects of external events in the wider economy and society, as well as those specific to their sector or organisation. Their business operations and policies are designed and formulated to meet sustainability objectives and minimise environmental impact.

Their structures, processes, systems and people are agile enough to meet the changing needs of citizens and businesses. And all these elements are optimized and digitalised as appropriate to reduce duplication of effort and inefficiencies and to maximise customer-centricity and technology enablement.

BearingPoint’s capabilities include solutions and services to:

Examples of our work include:

  • Organisation and target operating model design for new central Government agencies
  • Service demand and workforce planning for entitlement and social welfare services
  • Operational excellence programme for national road safety authority
  • Assessment of Government policies and operations against sustainability criteria and targets
  • Development of real estate portfolio management plans for local government municipalities
  • Evaluation of EU policies and programmes at European and national level

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