Public services is, and will remain, a highly people intensive sector.

The effective delivery of front-line services requires a highly skilled and flexible workforce with the competencies to provide services to meet a wide and diverse range of needs in society and the economy. Leading organisations have developed advanced approaches for recruitment and retention of public servants, including the integration of individuals from marginalized or disadvantaged areas of society.

They have developed improved employee experiences and ways of working that offer an enhanced work-life balance. And they deploy digital technology and devices to enable public servants to work effectively, safely and with real time access to the information they need.

BearingPoint’s capabilities include solutions and services to:

Examples of our work include:

  • Teachers' recruitment platform for Central Government Ministry of Education
  • Development and rollout of employee HR app for public servants
  • Management of shared people HRMS applications for 39 organisations and 40,000 civil servants
  • Development and delivery of ‘active manager’ programme for defence forces administration
  • Management of programmes to train and integrate detaiinees and disabled people into public sector workforces
  • Evaluation and development of public servant competency frameworks

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