The resources industry is heavily dependent on macroeconomic factors. At BearingPoint, we understand the risks and uncertainties in oil and gas, metals and mining, and we help our clients overcome challenges while making the most of opportunities.

Our business transformation expertise applies to all segments of the value chain in oil and gas, metals and mining, across entire businesses and within divisions. Our transformation roadmaps typically describe extensive international programs that last from six months up to several years.

We help our clients address key objectives: to remain competitive in a volatile environment, to become better positioned to beat the competition in a stagnate market, and to turn the business around.

The transformation can cover one or all of the following work streams:

  • Implement growth strategies (with a focus on asset profitability)
  • Optimize portfolios (including divestments)
  • Create operational excellence (for example, through digitalization in manufacturing, R&D, safety)
  • Foster simplification and standardization (cost cutting, shared services, organizational redesign, system implementations, continuous improvement, etc.)

Given how important Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is in these industries, HSE is intrinsically woven across the transformation processes.

We help our clients in many aspects of transformation programs, including:

  • Designing the business transformation strategy
  • Developing the transformation roadmap
  • Preparing detailed project planning
  • Calculating the business case
  • Providing functional transition support
  • Supporting finance transformation processes
  • Tracking and reporting transformation progress
  • Implementing work streams (if needed)

Given the size and complexity of the players in the industry, transformation programs are inevitably major undertakings. We are experienced at helping our clients navigate the challenges:

  • Complexity: due to the magnitude of the transformation, program management can be complicated with many related projects and initiatives needing to be aligned.
  • Time: transition periods can be long, and work streams and steps must be divided into several phases.
  • Resources: a dedicated project team is often required as well as the support of the businesses, functions, local entities and others.

Throughout, we take a holistic approach to business transformation programs, helping our clients every step of the way and not just supporting them during the transition. Thanks to our business delivery model, we can offer implementation teams in parallel if needed. This gives our clients the flexibility they need to successfully achieve transformation. We are easy to work with and demonstrate agility during programs to ensure a positive impact on the way our clients do business.

Drawing on our expertise in oil and gas as well as metals and mining, we provide specific solutions to each segment of the value chain.

Our global presence, including strategic partners, enables us to handle international transformation programs. Our consultants are highly committed, with adaptive intelligence and long track records in developing and delivering transition roadmaps for our clients.

Our key aim is to help our clients benefit from a successful transformation.

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