Digitalization is opening the way for new ventures and marketing strategies for robust new service offerings for fuel card issuers. Optimized, value-added services not only offer reliability for customers but will also be key to staying successful in a competitive fuel card market.

Fuel cards have gone from simple loyalty programs to further offerings and services that strengthen customer relationships and leverage business opportunities.

Toll charging services, for example, have become a strong investment area in the fuel card business. The market for toll services in the EU will be transformed in the upcoming years, driven by initiatives such as the European Electronic Toll Services (EETS). External non-industry service providers, who previously focused on non-specific toll payment services or non-European electronic toll services, are increasingly entering this market.

At BearingPoint, we offer a specialized, industry-specific approach.

We can help fuel card issuers and toll service operators with the following services:

  • Project management, delivering transformation with our in-depth industry experience
  • Venture strategies and execution
  • Analysis and optimization of toll services through our knowledge of processes and IT
  • Digitalization of projects

We are fully committed and passionate to achieve measurable results for our clients. This is characterized by:

  • Our knowledge of the oil and gas industry combined with a strong understanding of key drivers in the fuel card business
  • Our experience in the toll market combined with our ability to deliver both business strategy and transformation
  • Our capability to execute and to deliver measurable results, reinforcing long-term relationships with our clients
  • Our ability to set up new concepts, for example, the integration of connected car solutions

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