From data analysis to local implementation, BearingPoint supports retailers in a pragmatic way in their transformation program.

In a highly unstable economy and a fierce competition, Category management is about finding out what the consumer wants and providing a better shopping experience than competitors.

Keys drivers for successful category management are:

  • Being consumer driven
  • Encouraging cooperation between departments
  • Developing relationships with suppliers that are more integrated and effective and less transaction-oriented: more about innovation and value creation for the customer

Improvements in category management represent a huge source of benefits for retailers. By fulfilling all required elements of customer-centric category management, increased sales and profits can be achieved.

Our approach:

Our strong belief is that a successful category management improvement program requires facts analysis, clear guidelines and structured processes rather than on old habits or intuitions.

Therefore, our approach combines a deep understanding of retail processes, best practices and Retailer knowledge along with data ananlysis

Impact expected:

  • Increased omnichannel sales and turnover by improving customer satisfaction
  • Optimized profitability (supplier negotiation, stock, margin)
  • Stock level optimization in every distribution channel by rationalization and reduction of unsold stock

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