From business and IT roadmaps to system design and implementation, BearingPoint assists retailers at every step of their transformation.

Trends and challenges

E-commerce and omnichannel are now considered mature processes within most companies, and the trend has shifted to the next step: Controlling and mastering data and information inside and outside the company, the challenge for retailers who aim at implementing a customer 360° view.

Our approach

Our strong belief is that successful transformation programs are based on a holistic approach in which business processes, organization and IT are deeply related. Our approach brings together our deep understanding of retail processes and best practices with our extended knowledge in IT project implementation during your transformation:

  • IT strategy and roadmap
  • Business process design and harmonization
  • Software and integrator selection
  • ERP implementation
  • Roll-out strategy
  • IT and business organization
  • Change management

Impact expected:

  • Increased omnichannel turnover
  • Optimized profitability (supplier negotiation, stock, margin)
  • Stock level optimization in every distribution channel
  • Roll-out acceleration
  • User adoption acceleration
  • Reduced IT cost and TCO
  • Increased operational efficiency and profitability through analytics and better control and understanding of data

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