With the rise of digital technologies, retailers are facing tremendous challenges and great opportunities.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are undergoing a transformation where the physical stores are becoming more of a showroom for customers to experience the brand and be inspired.

E-tailers are also offering more and more omnichannel services, including extended assortment, higher product availability and product and experience customization.

Faced with these fast changes and the numerous technological innovations, retailers must shift and redefine the role of the points of sale.

Our approach:

BearingPoint supports retailers in leading points of sale optimization projects such as:

  • Re-engineering (lean management) store processes, opening and maintenance processes
  • Support of digital and front office solutions, both selection and setup
  • Points of sale performance analysis thanks to Big Data tools
  • Cash management optimization in store
  • Store management
  • Merchandising plan and floorplan optimization

Impact expected:

Place the Point of Sale at the heart of the omnichannel customer journey and deliver new customized services and advice in order to offer the best customer experience.


  • Improved turnover by sqm
  • Better customer perception
  • Aligned commercial policy and processes
  • Improved floor/non-floor efficiency for store teams
  • Improved lead time

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