Consumers’ behaviors have changed. They are more informed and all the more demanding. Fierce competition, fast-evolving markets and organizations make sales operations even more complex. One of the key success factors is a sales force that is up-to-date with multi-channels and is able to constantly adapt and optimize its efforts to leverage new markets and opportunities. And to reduce non-optimized costs (related to the sales organization or not) and gain efficiency.

Digital transformation and e-commerce have created new buying patterns based on multiple distribution channels. CPG and B2B sales departments are facing constant transformations in consumers ‘needs, but also in internal and external structures. Mergers and acquisitions, workforce transfer in shared services centers and staff turnover are only some examples. In this context, there is a lot at stake to have an efficient sales force.

Reorganizing a sales force relies on many major changes:

  • improving sales performance by optimizing business processes (activities review, assessment, KPIs, etc.)
  • managing change (communication, training, etc.)

BearingPoint Teams can help you in the following ways:

  • Organizational review of activities
  • Sales force assessment thanks to a maturity matrix that allows for an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses versus the best practices coming from BearingPoint’s returns on experience
  • Short- and long-term action plans to improve sales force performance: organization, process optimization, IT transformation, etc.
  • KPIs, dedicated sales force dashboards
  • Lean office best practices (for many of our clients’ contact centers)
  • Share and train sales force management on best and new practices

Benefits can be multiple:

  • Real focus on clients’ needs and new markets enabled by an easier realization of administrative tasks, by user-friendly and dedicated tools
  • Deeper client knowledge through data analysis, 360° vision, client segmentation to improve value proposition and develop customer loyalty
  • Efficiency gains
  • Faster capacity to react and adjust campaigns or the channel distribution mix thanks to sales force KPIs and dashboards (accurate and relevant data on sales, stocks, bookings), also available on mobile devices
  • Better territory covering, improving product visibility and sales
  • Availability of comprehensive costs related to customer acquisition, to product promotion and campaigns for more efficiency and profitability
  • Reallocation of nonoptimized cost reduction to sales force training and incentives

I expect my sales team to be the key partner for growth at distributors’ and to drive our brand strategy in store.



  • Elisabeth Denner

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