The vision of connecting everything and everyone at all times drives digitalization and puts telecommunications network providers at the heart of it. By repositioning themselves as TechCos, TelCos are gaining a much broader reach as universal end-to-end service providers across all industries.

Coupled with ever-shorter innovation cycles, this has driven companies toward platform-based services. As a result, how data is collected is becoming increasingly critical to optimizing businesses and maintaining competitiveness, with network technology impacting telcos and consumers across industries. The increasingly viable opportunity to invest in infrastructure development is changing market dynamics and attracting new players in the form of TowerCos and FiberCos.

Market players face many challenges throughout the value chain if they want to lead in the race for innovation and connectivity. We are committed to overcoming these challenges with our clients to create sustainable growth and profitability.

Network organization transformation

As the landscape transforms, so must the organizations within it. An effective transition demands answers to crucial questions such as:

  • How can we build a high-performing network organization?
  • How can we cope with increased innovation/shorter lifecycles of network generations (e.g., 5G)?
  • How can we set up a partner ecosystem for scale and flexibility?
  • How can we unleash data-driven decisions in the organization?
  • How can we exploit the low-code trend to push digitalization in the organization?

Fixed networks

With 5G, fiber, and cloudification on the rise, it is imperative that fixed networks sustain the mass of data being transferred. We apply our expertise to answer questions like:

  • How can we combine make/buy decisions and technology choices (fiber, copper, and coax) for a future-proof fixed network?
  • How can boosting rollout efficiency and steering optimize our fixed network return on investment (ROI)?
  • How can we maximize the impact of network optimization and customer experience (e.g., in public benchmark tests)?

Mobile networks

Rapid technological advances in mobile networks demand that companies optimize their approaches. For creating lasting advantages, key challenges must be tackled, namely:

  • How can boosting rollout efficiency and steering optimize our mobile network ROI?
  • How can we maximize the impact of network optimization and customer experience (e.g., in public benchmark tests)?

Telco-native services

Telco providers can create substantial value by leveraging existing services and adding a network-oriented mindset. Key considerations should be kept in mind when doing this, specifically:

  • How can we design business models and use cases that monetize 5G?
  • How can industry companies best use campus networks?
  • How can industry companies benefit from 5G?
  • How do cities enable gigabit infrastructure and IoT services?
  • How must regulation adjust to boost innovation (e.g., responsible AI)?

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