Corporate performance management

New connectivity, disruptive business models through OTTs, shorter innovation cycles (4G, 5G), and increasing competitive pressure in network quality and pricing: given the multitude of challenges in the telecommunications market, the importance of high-performance and efficient organizations has never been greater.

The methods and approaches of corporate performance management (CPM) are vital to optimizing a company’s service delivery. CPM ensures a company’s goals align with its business processes and is a central management task that comprises the planning, controlling, monitoring, and optimization of a company’s performance on a strategic, tactical, and operational level. Due to capital-intensive infrastructure investments (e.g., network expansion), efficient use of resources and CPM is crucial for the success of organizations in the telecommunications industry.

Data as a digital enabler improving business performance

The foundation of successful CPM is understanding the multitude of available internal and external data sources and their intelligent use to support decision-making, optimize business processes, and improve products and services. Within the BearingPoint Telecommunications team, our CPM experts help you identify relevant performance indicators, measure and present them, and derive actions for optimizing performance. BearingPoint leverages digitalization and connectivity and leading business intelligence solutions, supporting you in selecting the right tools and systematically integrating them into holistic end-to-end processes.

We support companies in the telecommunications industry in all areas of performance management to create sustainable growth and competitive advantages. 

In particular, we advise our clients on the following questions:

  • How do you identify relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage your organization regarding strategic objectives?
  • How do you check conformity between corporate goals and business processes?
  • Which management concepts and tools can be used for making data-driven decisions?
  • How do you design agile incentive systems that link the company’s goals with those of your employees (OKR)?
  • How do you use advanced analytics tools to make predictions and provide instructions for action with intelligent machine learning algorithms (e.g., sales forecasts)?

Process management

Driven by the need to increase efficiency and digital transformation, active process management is on the agenda of many companies in the telecommunications industry. To operate effectively and economically, organizations need to establish seamless, connected, and consistent business processes for their increasingly complex products.

Fixed and mobile network rollouts need cost-efficient, scalable, and dynamic processes. At the same time, during the development of digital services up to the customer experience, telecom providers need to make their processes customer-centric to meet increasing customer expectations. Shorter cycles for technology and product innovations also require actively managing innovation processes.

Our experienced process experts offer companies in the telecommunications industry professional support in all areas of process management, from process identification, mapping, and modeling to subsequent process optimization, process control, and change management. BearingPoint focuses on holistic concepts and intelligent integration with workflow, RPA, AI tools, process mining, and event streaming. We support our clients in developing a business process management strategy to increase their enterprise value sustainably and measurably.

How BearingPoint adds value

Strategy-compliant and efficient process design is fundamental for every organization. To achieve this, the following challenges need to be considered:

  • How do you design infrastructure rollout processes more efficiently and harness the potential of existing automation (e.g., RPA)?
  • How do you support your business processes with digital workflow solutions (e.g., low-code applications)?
  • How do you develop and establish more customer-oriented business processes and create a convincing and differentiated customer experience?
  • How do you manage your innovation channels and create efficient innovation processes to develop 5G services?
  • How can you use platform processes in the transformation from telco to techco? 

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