Transport and logistics companies are asking similar questions, such as where to strengthen the network, where to close locations, where to increase or decrease capacities, and where to prolong contracts with subcontractors and carriers.

Transport and logistics companies often need analytics and KPI’s that are not answered by typical transport management system (TMS). Here, Log360 can help improve reporting/analytics and as well as answer questions on a tactical and strategic level:


  • How is my profitability per product, service, subcontractor, trade lane and transport leg?
  • What are the costs and CO2 emissions per transport and per customer?
  • How is my utilization on specific legs per day?


  • Who are the subcontractors and customers of the future? In which locations?
  • What are the requested hubs, delivery times and frequencies?
  • Which capacities per lane do I need in the future?
  • What should my future network look like?

BearingPoint’s Log360 for transport and logistics companies at a glance:

  • Supply chain analytics with Log360 -  inefficiencies in one view, with root-cause analytics to identify inefficiencies
  • Powerful network visualization, planning, optimization and risk assessment in  one  "supply chain control tower"
  • Optimization of transports by considering multiple dimensions
  • Compliant disclosure (EN16258 and French decree 2011:1336) and reporting of CO2 emissions for all modes of transportation
  • Early warnings to prevent profit loss
  • A connected digital supply chain – IoT enabled
  • Solve the trade-offs between CO2, costs, inventories and time
  • Global and  for all modes of transportation

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