Mobility (of information, goods and people) is not only a fundamental right, it is the main driver of an economy. All businesses require information exchange, the delivery of materials, goods and finished products, and workers need to get to their workplace.

Market: new customer expectations from “station to station” to “door to door”, pricing flexibility

Digital: autonomous vehicles (cars, trucks, trains) end-to-end multimode journey planning, dynamic tolling to offset traffic peaks, e-commerce, fight for access to the end customer

There are three concurrent structural moves in the industry. Horizontal integration, with single mode transport operators becoming multi-mode operators. Vertical integration, where one can find infrastructure builders penetrating the infrastructure management area, with key players from infrastructure, transport operations and rolling stock manufacturing bidding as a consortium for turnkey design-build-operate projects abroad.

And lastly there is disintegration, which is due to deregulation or new public transport contracts, with rolling stock management or MRO tending to be spun off from transport operators and transferred.

We assist with transformations by improving operational efficiency and implementing new business models.

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